Stalingrad was first released in 1957. Thirty years later it still ranks as one of the most important films of all-time. Directed by Joseph Vilsmaier, Stalingrad tells the story of a group of World War II German soldiers who are evacuated to the pocket of Stalingrad. There they form a strong fortified defense of the area against the advancing Red Army. Joining them are the German Protestant refugees, led by a priest with a violent death sentence.

synopsis. Stalingrad is an award-winning German film directed by Joseph Vilsmaier and starring Thomas Kretschmann. Starring asLt. Hans von Witzland is Thomas Kretschmann, a Catholic paratrooper assigned to the Third Army in Italy. Together with Reinhartfried Weber, they form a strong defense around the town of Stalingrad against the advancing Red Army. Following the destruction of the Stalingrad church and the capture of its Commandant Reinhart Uddenberg, the remainder of the army is held in place by the Stalingrad troops under the command of Field Marshal Maximilian Heiberg.

When the Russians finally retake the city in May of Stalingrad, they find that the Stalingrad pocket has been completely destroyed. Only seventy-five percent of the Stalingrad troops are still intact. Led by Generaloberst von Moltke and his Tiger troops, they fight a grueling battle against the ever-growing Russian army. Major Domructive forces are added to the German army including the 7th Tank Division (Tiger tanks) and the SS troops of the 33rd SS Galician Division.

After four days the Stalingrad airport is evacuated by the Germans when it is discovered that the entire German operation in Stalingrad was a complete failure due to poor planning and lack of supplies. Despite this setback the Stalingrad castle itself is captured by the Russians following a fierce battle. Domructive forces are reinforced by the Germans and they push back the attackers. The Stalingrad region comes under complete Russian control.

Domructive forces continue to fight on in Stalingrad, but they are unable to take the city altogether. On 3 July the Stalingrad airport is partially destroyed in an air strike by the USA military. The remaining German troops, having regrouped, launch an all out offensive in Stalingrad again. The Stalingrad city is almost totally destroyed by the beginning of August. By this time the Stalingrad was completely destroyed and has since been turned into a prisoner of war camp.

A new offensive is begun in the Spring of 1943 with the intention of capturing the remaining German garrisons in Stalingrad. The Stalingrad – attacked by the British and the French along with US troops from the West and the fronts reinforce by the fall of Stalingrad. The Stalingrad – attacked by the Wehrmacht (Nazi Germany) in April and May of the same year. In the Battle of Stalingrad the Germans suffered heavy losses. Only around ten percent of the Stalingrad German was left alive to fight on into the decisive battle of Stalingrad.

Domestically speaking there were no Stalingrad German homes left to show evidence of their residence prior to the destruction of the Stalingrad castle. In fact only one family dwelling, a house called the Schloss, was standing when the city was surrounded by the Wehrmacht. Domestically speaking however, there were no indications of a German presence before the end of the war. Most jewellery found in Stalingrad today originates from either the Baltic or Jewish areas and was created over many years from coins minted by the House of Hanke in West Prussian Oblast.

During the war the house of Vilsmaiers was in fact occupied by the Germans. Many items of jewellery and art found there were made by the Germans. As I said earlier, it was the German occupation that really destroyed the history of the house of Stalingrad. After the war Joseph Vilsmaier was awarded the Order of the Russian Medallion by the Second World War Emperor Hirohito. After the war Vilsmaiers managed to return to his home town of Smolensk where he opened a jewellery store. Today you can still see many of the Jewellery items he so painstakingly crafted still in perfect condition in the Jewellery shop of Smolensk.


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