Seven Days In May is an adventure comedy starring Michael Caine and Carol Burnett as the titular lovers. The movie was directed by Steven Soderbergh and Erich von Stroheim and made for Universal Pictures. Seven Days In May was not a big hit at the box office but it has had great reviews. In this article, I will discuss why Seven Days In May is a great romantic comedy.

Seven Days In May begins with Kirk Douglas (Caine) and Burt Lancaster (Burnett) walking through an airport on a snow storm. They are wearing matching t-shirts that read “We Are Number One,” and a large banner that proclaims “This Is Your Life.” While walking toward the runway, Burt spots an interesting billboard: it says “Seaside Lovers…Seaside Specialists.” An airplane drops down and hovers overhead announcing “Sorry, your plane has been grounded due to mechanical failure.” Seconds later the plane disappears and is later discovered floating in the ocean.

Burt and Kirk are called to a meeting by their boss, John Valentine. John is headmaster and has taken over the school system. He banishes Burt and Kirk to the school and informs them that they will have to work together as a team if they want to keep their jobs. When asked why, John states that he needs them to be the best teachers there…and that means working as a team. The two men begin their first day together, trying to bond with each other, while struggling to get along with their schoolmates and classmates.

This movie follows the romantic theme throughout, but Seven Days In May goes one step further by making it a comedy. The storyline and acting are extremely well done, especially by Carol Burnett. Seven Days In May is one of the few movies I can remember where the love story is not the main focus of the movie, which is rare with most movies.

Another romantic comedy that I enjoy watching is Invictus. Charlize Theron plays a young girl who is a member of an illegal corporation. Her father, played by Robert Duvall, happens to be a US marshal and is searching for his missing wife. The two go on a trip to Brazil, where they reunite with their daughter and end up getting involved in the vicious battles between drug gangs. The movie is gripping to watch, especially the scenes of mom and dad arguing as they try to stop their temper fueled fight.

While I love these movies, Invictus is not my kind of romance movie. It does not follow the usual path of a love story involving good guys vs. bad guys. My experience with this movie was quite different, and I felt that it did not follow the typical conventions that most love story movies follow.

The movie just seemed to go against all the conventional wisdom that I have grown up with. Instead of following the conventions that most movies follow, Invictus breaks every single one of them, and it is a bold move. In fact, I think that the reason why the movie had such a strong outcome is because it was bold and it was different. The story being told was not like any other love story movie that I have ever watched, and it did something that no other movie has been able to do.

Seven Days in May, on the other hand, is a movie that could easily be considered mainstream by today’s standards. I don’t necessarily mean that it has overly sexual content or a mainstream plot. Rather, what I mean is that it follows a conventional love story formula, but it breaks the mold because it adds a twist that viewers won’t see in a lot of other movies. If you are a fan of movies that tell a love story through the eyes of a child or through the lens of a teenager, then I would highly recommend watching Invictus.


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