If you’re looking for a quintessential guy’s weekend, with gunslingers, villains, and the best bikini body ever, then you must check out Bandits. Based on the novel “The Dead Zone,” this movie is loaded with gun fights, explosions, and a lot of blood. In addition, there’s plenty of romance, as well as a love story that could easily be the last in cinema.

As a member of the Law enforcement force, Harvey Specter (Bruce Willis) is assigned to protect the city of Seattle from marauding bands of “Bonnie and Clyde” who regularly target local tourist areas. As part of his routine patrol, Harvey gets a visit from an eccentric billionaire named Calvin Klein. Klein owns a chain of fitness clubs, including a beachside club called Total Eclipse. Calvin’s son, Damon, becomes obsessed with working at the gym with his friend Billy Bob Thorton, a former circus performer turned guru trainer. When Billy Bob becomes the target of a bandit attack, Harvey takes on the role of protecting the city once again.

As the new partner in crime, Harvey Specter must investigate the identity of the Bandits and learn why they want Billy Bob to work at their club. Meanwhile, Harvey finds himself growing closer to his own memory loss issue and the strange circumstances that surround the death of his wife. Meanwhile, Billy Bob, now working out of his own home with his new friend Damon, must learn what his past relationship with Harley Pasternak meant for him. With the threat of Bandits looming large over the city, all the characters must come to terms with what is really happening in Seattle.

Based on the book, “The Dead Zone,” which was written by Tom Clancy, “Dead Reckoning” is a novel about living in an alternate present in which a series of bank robberies turns the country into a city-within-a-city. The city is run by a crooked mayor who protects the banks by having the police serve as the private army of the mafia. Harvey Specter is an ex-cop who is assigned to the department where he meets young Billy Bob Thorton, who is obsessed with becoming a fitness instructor. In addition to being the department’s fitness instructor, Billy also wants to become a master stealth assassin. He dreams of joining the Bandits, a group of masked vigilantes who serve a vigilante force against merchants and other criminals. When Harvey agrees to work with Billy and Damon, two newly-trained bank robbers, in order to pay for their illegal activities, Harvey discovers that Bandits have been causing problems for the city of Seattle.

One night, while the Bandits are asleep on a ship sailing to Alaska, a plane crashes near the city killing most of the banditos. At first, the bodies just appear to be part of the sea waves, but one of the bodies is identified as that of Harvey Specter. While examining the body, the city police detective finds out that Billy and Damon had been part of a plan to rob the Bank of America branch. As evidence of the robbery plot, the police discover a list of bank accounts with large sums of money. With help from Billy, Harvey ends up catching the Bandits and the case against them goes to trial.

The plot of this book is excellent. Although it may seem that there are many similar books in the same genre, it doesn’t mean that they’re all similar. For instance, while I felt that “Dead Reckoning” was similar to “Mafia!” in that it was a good book about vigilantism (both involve a corrupt politician and a group of tough guys who take on organized crime), the difference between the books is that Harvey Specter’s book takes place in a modern-day Seattle. The book is more interesting because it takes place in a city that is well-known for its political corruption.

Another thing that separates this movie from the others is its focus on the gang members themselves, instead of just focusing on the criminal aspect of the story. In the other movies, we see how the crimes are committed and the people who are involved in the crime, but we never learn the reasons why these people do what they do. We see their rationale, but we don’t really get into why or how they make those decisions. In essence, we have another point of view, but we never learn it.

Overall, “Dead Reckoning” is an enjoyable read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction (though I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who has a major history book). However, if you are looking for a movie that’s a bit different than what you’ve come used to, then you might not enjoy this one. The only other thing that I would say about it is that if you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest watching it. Otherwise, you won’t miss anything from this book.


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