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Stir of Echoes

movie reviewmovie reviewmovie review out of 4 Movie Review: Stir of Echoes

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Liza Weil
Director: David Koepp
Rated: R
RunTime: 94 Minutes
Release Date: September 1999
Genres: Horror, Suspense, Thriller

*Also starring: Illeana Douglas, Kathryn Erbe, Kevin Dunn

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Review by Susan Granger
3 stars out of 4

If you enjoyed "The Sixth Sense," you're gonna want to see this supernatural thriller starring Kevin Bacon as a Chicago telephone lineman who discovers horror lurking under his own roof after he's hypnotized by his sister-in-law (Illeana Douglas) at a neighborhood party. At first, Bacon's skeptical. He doesn't believe in mental games, nor in ghosts. But when he hears his five year-old son (Zachary David Cope) casually say, "Does it hurt to be dead?" to an unseen apparition, he knows something's wrong. Then he "sees" a deathly pale, terrified teenage girl who "disappeared" months earlier; she's a vision, not real, but how did this tortured soul get on his living-room sofa? And who will believe him? Certainly not his just-pregnant wife (Kathryn Erbe), who finds his bizarre behavior and obsession with spooky, otherworldly things quite disturbing. Not even his defensive sister-in-law, who insists she only planted an innocent post-hypnotic suggestion into his subconscious. Based on a 1958 novel by Richard Matheson ("Somewhere in Time," "What Dreams May Come"), screenwriter/director David Koepp cleverly builds the suspense slowly, through character development not carnage, keeping the action low-key and quite plausible. But many clues are revealed too early, and it's quite reminiscent of Bacon's earlier film, "Flatliners," along with "The Amityville Horror," even "The Shining." On the Granger Movie Gauge of 1 to 10, "A Stir of Echoes" is a creepy 7. It's an eerie, intriguing early Fall chiller.

Copyright 2000 Susan Granger

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