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Pokemon 4Ever

movie reviewmovie review out of 4 Movie Review: Pokemon 4Ever

Starring: Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Rated: G
RunTime: 77 Minutes
Release Date: October 2002
Genres: Animation, Kids

*Also starring: Ikue Ootani, Eric Stuart, Addie Blaustein

Review by Steve Rhodes
2 stars out of 4

POKÉMON 4EVER is the fourth in a series that I'll bet most parents had thought --hoped! -- was a fad that had long since vanished. I'm here to report that, like the Energizer bunny, Pokémon just keeps on going and going. Like the endless stream of Power Rangers fans, a new batch of young kids keeps coming along to discover the joys of "pocket monsters." Both series are colorful and careful never to tax the cognitive powers of young minds. Adults play endless games of solitaire on the computer, and teens devote countless hours to killing video game monsters, so why can't the little ones have their own mindless activities? All of the above notwithstanding, I hate having to spend time viewing Pokémon on the big screen or on the little one, but, to be fair, the series is made for people whose ages are in the low to mid single digits, a time that has long since passed me by.

The plot in POKÉMON 4EVER has the heroes, Ash Ketchum (voiced by Veronica Taylor), his buddies Misty (voiced by Rachael Lillis) and Brock (voiced by Eric Stuart), and their candy-colored companion Pikachu (voiced by Ikue Ootani), fighting villains bent on world domination. This villainous organization is called SPECTRE -- oops, wrong movie -- I mean, Team Rocket. Will Ash and friends prevail? What do you think? The real question is whether any of the adults will be able to stay awake until the end in order to find out.

POKÉMON 4EVER runs 1:16. It is rated G and would be acceptable for all ages.

Copyright © 2002 Steve Rhodes

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