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World Traveler

movie reviewvideo review out of 4 Movie Review: World Traveler

Starring: Billy Crudup, Julianne Moore
Director: Bart Freundlich
Rated: R
RunTime: 103 Minutes
Release Date: January 2002
Genre: Drama

*Also starring: Cleavant Derricks, David Keith, James LeGros, Karen Allen, Mary McCormack, Liane Balaban

Review by Steve Rhodes
1½ stars out of 4

Cal (Billy Crudup from ALMOST FAMOUS) is driving his Volvo station wagon across the country. A sad alcoholic, he visits most of the bars along the way. Although his mental state leaves a lot to be desired, at least he is no wacko like Dulcie (Julianne Moore from HANNIBAL), a passed out drunk that he rescues from one of his many watering holes. But, like most of the people he meets, she doesn't stay with him long.

Crudup and Moore's acting is okay, but Bart Freundlich's script and direction for WORLD TRAVELER is as aimless as Cal's journey. Not only does Freundlich give us little reason to care about his story, it doesn't even give us much motivation to stay awake.

As a diner waitress named Delores, Karen Allen plays another of the strangers that Cal encounters. Four-time divorcee Delores tells us, "I've come to think of men as a temporary state of mind," and soon thereafter disappears permanently from the story like one of the many telephone poles that pass by Cal's car.

The only interesting parts of WORLD TRAVELER are the lovely, snow-dotted landscapes of America's heartland in winter and the same set of honky-tonk tunes played in each of the bars.

"I can hardly make sense of it," Cal tells a bartender during one of his many rambling, pointless conversations. And neither will you.

WORLD TRAVELER runs 1:43. It is rated R for "language and some sexuality" and would be acceptable for teenagers.

Copyright 2002 Steve Rhodes

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