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Slaughter Of The Innocents

movie review out of 4 Movie Review: Slaughter Of The Innocents

Starring: Scott Glenn, Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus
Director: James Glickenhaus
Rated: R
RunTime: 144 Minutes
Release Date: January 1993
Genres: Mystery, Suspense

*Also starring: Zitto Kazann, Darlanne Fluegel, Sheila Tousey

Review by Dragan Antulov
1 star out of 4

Scott Glen belongs to that broad category of great actors whose reputation is sometimes marred simply by appearing in unwatchable cinematic stinkers. In case of Scott Glen such stinker was SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS, 1994 film by James Glickenhaus, just one of the many thrillers that exploit the public's obsession with the serial killers. In SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, "Oscar"-awarded film that inspired the entire trend, Scott Glen played FBI agent specialised for serial killers. In this film Glen, in a way, repeats the role by playing Agent Stephen Broderick, one of the Bureau's best when it comes to dealing with homicidal monsters. However, this time the maniac in question seems to be too much even for Broderick. Luckily, his 15-year old son Jesse (played by Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus) is a wunderkind determined to help his father, even if it means that he would have to run away from house and chase the dangerous maniac by himself.

I must say that I was, in a way, both surprised and not so surprised when I realised how despised SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS is among net.critics. This movie was hardly masterpiece, but it is still better than its reputation. Glickenhaus' screenplay is a mess, the movie is sometimes too preachy, unbelievable or boring (totally pointless scene involving shootout between FBI and lone Neonazi), but Glen and others at least play their parts professionally, and Glickenhaus does provide some suspensful scenes, including quite spectacular finale. Most probable reason why people hate this film is the fact that Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus, rather talented brat (who also wrote some of the songs in the film) happens to be director's son and that his character actually steals the film from Scott Glen. Although some of the viewers might feel cheated, and although some may have problems swalloving the concept of underage boy battling serial killers, the movie is rather watchable, but hardly anything above it.

Copyright 1999 Dragan Antulov

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