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Searching for Bobby Fischer

movie reviewmovie reviewmovie review out of 4 Movie Review: Searching for Bobby Fischer

Starring: Joe Mantegna, Max Pomeranc
Director: Steven Zaillian
Rated: PG
RunTime: 110 Minutes
Release Date: August 1993
Genres: Drama, Family

*Also starring: Laurence Fishburne, Joan Allen, Ben Kingsley, Michael Nirenberg, Robert Stephens, David Paymer, William H. Macy, Dan Hedaya, Anthony Heald

Review by Steve Rhodes
3 stars out of 4

[This is one of my golden oldies reviews - written years ago when I was just getting started. I stand by the conclusions, but in most cases many details are missing that I would normally include today.]

So are you searching for a good movie for the whole family? Does your household have preteens in it who have outgrown the little kid movies, but still would like to see shows that are exciting and that can inspire them? Do you like shows that not just for preteens, but the whole family can enjoy?

Let me take a little different approach in this review. Think of it as a questionnaire. Do you like movies where

- the characters are intelligent
- the script is bright
- people don't have to talk in 4 letter words to make points
- kids to be heroes do not have to be in sports
- it is okay to show kids from non-broken homes
- it is okay to show kids who are healthy, not reformed
- it does not have to have stupid sub-plots
- parents can be wholesome yet still be interesting
- you can show an adult at their place of work and show them happy
- you can have classic showdown scenes yet have real surprises
- you can have no violence and not be boring

If you were able to answer in the affirmative to most of these questions, I recommend SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER and give it ***. Even if you know nothing about the game of chess, I still recommend it to you. Knowing chess will improve your enjoyment only slightly of the film and is not necessary.

With a strong cast including Max Pomeranc as chess whiz Josh Waitzkin, Joe Mantegna as his wise but not too pushy dad Fred, Joan Allen as his mom Bonnie, Ben Kingsley as the expert Bruce Pandolfini, and a great Laurence Fishburne as the local park chess king Vinnie. A sweet and heartwarming show.

Copyright 1996 Steve Rhodes

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