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Color of Night

video review out of 4 Movie Review: Color of Night

Starring: Bruce Willis, Jane March
Director: Richard Rush
Rated: R
RunTime: 140 Minutes
Release Date: August 1994
Genre: Suspense

*Also starring: Ruben Blades, Lesley Ann Warren, Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, Kevin J. O'Connor, Scott Bakula, Andrew Lowery, Eriq LaSalle

Review by Pedro Sena
1 star out of 4

One sometimes wonders if these things are made for the art form, or for the sake of making a few dollars. It may help a superstar and his bank deposits, but what does it do to the others.?

It is a story about a shrink whose patient, one day, takes things in her own hands and busts through the umpteenth floor window. Depressed and feeling very much responsible the doctor ( Willis ) decides to take a break. He visits a friend in the other coast, who is also a shrink. And he gets sucked into another shrink-fest.

This new group is the same as all others, except that this one has a Hollywood flavor to things. The bisexual actress, the homosexual whoohoo, and the rest. Amidst them is a young girl that by being quiet and subtle ends up involved with the psychiatrist.

As it turns out, Rose is not quite a patient, but a plant for the plans of a maniac person, whose desires are a bit more on the sick side than anything else. In the doctor's therapy rooms, Rose is dressed differently and unrecognizable, though the new doctor has gotten an inkling for what is going on.

The doctor is starting to have a good time with Rose, and the film spends its best moments behind the lens, watching this man making out with a girl that looks no older than a teenager. With plenty of gratuitous nakedness thrown in to ensure that Bruce Willis enthusiasts get excited.

The story is actually very good, were it not that the film has to bring it to a thankless and ugly end. Do all love stories and affairs that are satisfying have to be this way.??? In Hollywood one would think the answer is yes.

See it only if you are interested in nakedness.... otherwise let it sit as a waste... sad, because Jane March is not bad in it.... but then, who is going to see this for her acting.?

Copyright 1994 Pedro Sena

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