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movie reviewmovie review out of 4 Movie Review: Hannibal

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore
Director: Ridley Scott
Rated: R
RunTime: 131 Minutes
Release Date: February 2001
Genres: Horror, Suspense

*Also starring: Gary Oldman, Ray Liotta, Diane Baker, Giancarlo Giannini, Francesca Neri, Ivano Marescotti, Boyd Kestner

Review by MattAFreakMoviwrtr
2 stars out of 4

Ok...What's important here is that I avoid comparing this film to its predecessor, "Silence of the Lambs".

10 years ago we watched in suspense as rookie FBI agent, Clarice Starling (Jodi Foster), tried to uncover the freakoid serial killer, Buffalo Bill. It was at that time when we were introduced to the character that would assist in Starling's pursuit, a grotesque yet charismatic individual who would make an everlasting impression on audiences everywhere. In fact, he was so unique that he has managed to spawn his own film.

FINALLY, after a decade of anticipation, Hollywood presented us with the 'sequel' to our cherished "Lambs".

FINALLY, after a decade of eagerly awaiting to discover the background and motivation behind the warped Dr. Lector's actions and fetishes, author Thomas Harris clues us in.

FINALLY, after a decade of being intrigued by this Doctor's sinister yet subtle mind, we are able to witness his thought process and capabilities.

In other words...let's face it..Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal "the cannibal" kicked ass and scared the crap out of all of us.but was fun as hell to watch!

Without further ado, I present to you....

"Friday the 13th"...


Ok, so why in the hell would I give this film such a BUILD UP...and then make fun of it?

Could it be because it stunk?

Could it be because it stunk?

You're just comparing it to the original film and you CAN'T do that!"

Actually, I'm not. I wouldn't insult the awesome original.

Ya see, I went into this movie expecting a suspenseful and thought provoking story (and yes, perhaps that attitude was due to the original, but hell, THEY set the stage, characters and standards.I'm just following along) but I walked out of the theater having witnessed a unique, exciting villain turned into just another another slasher. AND THAT PISSES ME OFF.

Now, this is the point where I'm supposed to be a good little journalist and fill you in on the plot, the characters, the grip dudes, and convince you of my disappointment.


Truth is, I'm still deciding what the hell the plot WAS. When you remove all the 'violence for sake of shock', you're left with...well, the credits.

Tell ya what....I'll sum it up for ya...

1. Dr. Hannibal has been hiding (and eating) for the past 10 years.

2. Agent Starling (now Julianne Moore-Jurassic Park 2) spends most of the film sitting in a room full of computers while trying to locate the doc online.

3. Some French investigator also searches for Hannie baby (for a reward) but loses his guts instead.

4. Starling's boss, Ray Liotta, gets to eat brains.

No poop.

There ya go.


Oh wait.that was the original.....


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