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WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role Publisher: THQ
Category: Sports, Wrestling
Platform: PS1
ESRB Rating: Teen    Release Date: November 2000

Overall Rating: 3 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
3 Stars out of 4

WWF SmackDown! 2 offers the most intuitive, jump-in-and-play controls of any wrestling game yet. The moves are sometimes tedious to perform, which is unfortunate considering that opponents are so fast and difficult to beat. Even women half your size will give you a run for your money, so boys, beware.

Hard core wrestlers will notice a few more problems. The "SwanTon" bomb is performed too quickly and unrealistically by the virtual Jeff Hardy. A more serious observation is that you don't see wrestlers walking down the infamous ramp, heading to the ring. Furthermore, the wrestlers look awfully flat.

SmackDown! 2 does have a lot going for it, though. The casket match is priceless, as you wrestle your opponent into his or her coffin. Other modes include Hell in a Cell, Create a Stable, Create a Manager, and the TLC match. Here, the TLC stands for tables, ladders, and chairs, not tender loving care.

Not surprisingly, the game has even more modes from the first game. Exhibition, Season, Create Pay Per View, and Create-a-Superstar are the main offerings, along with fighting set-ups such as single match, tag match, handicap, Battle Royal, Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, hardcore match (backstage), Anywhere Fall (backstage), the ubiquitous Cage match, and Survival.

Special Referee is a lot of fun. The referees are also wrestlers, so their decisions tend to reflect a bias. In fact, the refs will count fast or slow, depending on which wrestler they prefer. If a referee ticks you off, you can slam him into the mat!

The Multi Tap allows four human players to compete in one ring, but I'm still waiting for the technology to allow 20 wrestlers in one ring. Imagine the online multi-player possibilities there!

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