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Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

video game review video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Publisher: Acclaim
Category: Action
Platform: N64, Game Boy
ESRB Rating: Mature    Release Date: August 2000

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
3½ Stars out of 4
(Review of N64 version)

While most gamers raved over the original Turok, we were more thrilled with Shadows of the Empire. Turok was a long and arduous game where you spent most of the time looking at the ground and your impossibly circular shadow.

The impossible jumps that plagued the original game (you'd spend minutes lining up a jump) have been virtually eliminated for Turok 3. Also gone is the issue over a lack of save points. Turok 3 is not only manageable, but it is addicting. The pace of the game is even better than Perfect Dark.

The levels are much shorter and well-designed than in previous titles. The dozens of weapons and enemies are also very creative. One weapon is so powerful that it warps and stretches everything around the discharged "cell." The lighting effects for this weapon as well as the entire game are well done.

The story gets a fair amount of attention in the game. Characters actually talk to each other, and you can choose to play as a male or female character with different abilities that slightly affect progression through levels.

The game is definitely worthy of the "Mature" rating, because the blood and deaths are shockingly detailed. Some weapons can blow a head right off its body. The gore has nothing to do with the game's appeal, however.

The music is simple, well-scored, and extremely effective, like something from "The X-Files." The game really comes alive because of the plot events interspersed throughout, rather than exclusively between, levels. The first level has a stunning moment when someone climbs a ladder, showing you the way to go. Like some of the best Nintendo games, this first level sets the tone of the entire game. It's hard to complain about that tone.

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