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Super Mario Brothers Deluxe

video game review video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Publisher: Nintendo
Category: Action
Platform: Game Boy
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: May 1999

Overall Rating: 4 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
4 Stars out of 4

You have to love Nintendo for bringing out Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for Game Boy Color. What's amazing is that the game looks exactly like it did on the 8-bit NES machine back in 1985. It's no big surprise considering that Game Boy is also an 8-bit system, but seeing this classic on the smaller small screen brings back some serious memories.

You know you've played the original way too much when you realize that this new version shows Mario actually walking into the castle at the end of a level, rather than merely popping out of view when he reaches the door. To notice something that small is a little bit scary, but it also shows Nintendo's incredible dedication to quality. They could have just cranked out a simple port, but they added lots of goodies on top of that.

Have no fear. The original game is unchanged, but once you beat each original level, you can play each level in a challenge mode. The challenge mode offers three new incentives to re-explore Mario Bros. First, five collectible red coins are scattered throughout each level. Second, a high score record exists for each level. And third, an invisible Yoshi egg is hidden in every single level.

Once you beat the original game, the new Toy Box feature will show you where all the Yoshi eggs are… or at least the general area of their location. Without this feature, finding them would be impossible. Even today, the game is still challenging without warp zones. Level 8-2 is still a nasty after all these years.

Other features in the game include printable stickers, snapshots, Nintendo logos, and more, plus calendars going all the way to the year 3000. All this on a Game Boy game! Want to know if Christmas will fall on a Friday in 50 years? Look it up on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!

Still more features include a Versus Mode. This mode requires a Link Cable and provides two-player fun with an added challenge of reversible blocks. Players switch them against each other to make finishing a level as hard as running into a wall every three feet.

Lastly, the game is enhanced a bit with a slight back-scroll, allowing you to walk left of screen, and also a tilting feature, which scrolls the screen vertically with the Up and Down buttons. Now you can play peek-a-boo with the Lakitu clouds.

We didn't think this classic would be this magical again, but the new challenges and improvements make this game worth buying even for those who mastered the original so many years ago. If you think you know Mario like the back of your head, think again. Our 8-bit hero is back, and we're loving every minute of it.

Additional Information:

To open up the LOST LEVELS, which were included in Super Mario All-Stars for the Super NES, play the game and try to get first place on the high score rank. Once you do this, Luigi will appear on the title screen to guide you to the Lost Levels. Also, you should be aware that this game is only playable on Game Boy Color.

To beat Level 8-2 (Lost Levels), cross the pond which is right next to the springboard. Immediately to the right of the pond is a flying Koopa turtle. The block above his head contains a vine - the only way to reach the exit. The easiest way to expose this vine is to get a running start on the platform to the left of the turtle and lightly jump so that you hit the block, bop the turtle, and land safely on the right side of the pit.

To beat Level 8-4 (Lost Levels), there will be a section where you must jump past a flying turtle WITHOUT grounding or killing it, land on a moving platform which barely touches a lava pit, and run past a very long line of revolving fireballs. You must RUN from the moving platform to the solid stone floor when there is a gap between the two… then jump the revolving fireballs. If you start running when the moving platform is right up against the stone floor, the level will recycle endlessly. You may have to repeat this section several times in order to get the timing exact. Beyond this point lie two Bowsers. Just run under both of them to finish the level. Your reward is the Yoshi Medal.

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