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video game review video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: Suikoden Publisher: Konami
Category: Role-Playing
Platform: PS1
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: November 1996

Overall Rating: 4 Stars out of 4

Review by ChaddD
4 Stars out of 4

Konami® has done it again! From the get-go Suikoden® immediately draws you in and keeps you there.  This intriguing story puts you in the shoes of a hero (of course) as you navigate through an "Ancient world of bravery, mysticism, and romance".  While the graphics are somewhat cartoonish, the presentation the characters is not.  This title is wrought with deception,  guidance, friendship, bravery, battles, quests, romance, magic, good, evil, and much of what you would expect from a Konami® title.

Suikoden® has many, many features which also enhance game play.   From who you're going to recruit to who you will befriend lies completely in your hands. There are over 100 characters that you can recruit throughout your many quests and missions. Another big plus is the freedom of choice-- whether it is the characters you choose or the path that you take-- it is  completely up to you.  There are also "Multiple battle modes"-- one-on-one duels, banded fights, even full scale army vs. army".  You can "Build a castle fortress to headquater your army".   And it's fun to "Watch the castle grow as your recruits use their unique talents: mages teach you the secret of the magical runes; soliders open an armory; builders construct enhancements; and much, much more".

"Unravel the secret of the Empire, unlock the meaning of the 27 True Runes,   and discover the 108 Satrs of Destiny". And this will be no short task!   Plan to spend a lot of time.  With a deep, complex story based on ancient Eastern lore, this game will provide you with hours and hours of exciting RPG action and adventure.  Suikoden® is a must have for any RPGer that owns a playstation! Though it is an older title (circa 1996) it is still available. Suikoden II is only the way this September 1999!  This will be the a great addition to an already amazing game. Expect a full review of  Suikoden II in the months to come.

Reader Feedback

I definitely disagree. I think the game deserves 4 stars out of 4.    --Anonymous

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