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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Publisher: Capcom
Category: Action, Fighting
Platform: Dreamcast
ESRB Rating: Teen    Release Date: October 2000

Overall Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
2½ Stars out of 4

The cast of Street Fighter III: Third Strike is perhaps the biggest departure yet for the series. The five new characters (of 19) are a bit kooky. They seem more at home in the Marvel vs. Capcom series than in Street Fighter, but the change is definitely not a bad thing.

The two new features are the Grade Judge System and the Progressive Hit Frame System. The former system evaluates the player on the efficiency with which he or she uses his vast array of moves. The latter system is a much more accurate, glorified hit detection system that is hardly noticeable.

Super Arts moves, parrying, and leap attacks are used in the various re-hashed game play modes.

The Street Fighter series had a few problems on the PlayStation, so this second Dreamcast title is a blessing for die-hard fans. The recent release of Street Fighter: Double Impact, however, makes it unfair for gamers who just paid 40 bucks for that title.

Buying both games would be absurd, because Third Strike is just too similar. After all, there's only so much street fighting one can handle in a few months. The noisy music certainly doesn't help.

Third Strike has great character animation and proven game play. If you didn't get Second Impact, compare the two and pick one.

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