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Penny Racers

video game review Video Game Review: Penny Racers Publisher: THQ
Category: Racing
Platform: N64
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: April 1999

Overall Rating: 1 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
1 Star out of 4

Can we get away with a quickie on Penny Racers? Why not? First of all, the graphics… not cool. Second, the courses… can you say "rip-off of Mario Kart"? You must be thinking, hey, if it's anything like Mario Kart, it's at least decent. Well, you're wrong. It only LOOKS like Mario Kart in some places. It certainly doesn't FEEL like Mario Kart.

The tracks in Penny Racers are simple and boring, so you might want to make your own tracks. While we enjoyed making courses with the very user-friendly interface, we couldn't figure out how to play the damn thing once we made it! Clicking "Register" doesn't do squat! We checked the manual and still no luck! What the!

If you actually want to PLAY the tracks you create, check out Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98. Unlike Penny Racers, however, you must create a circuit where the starting line eventually loops around to the finishing line. Penny Racers does not require a circuit.

By the way, you can trade car parts as you progress through the game. Try to contain your excitement.

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