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video game review video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: NHL 2K Publisher: Sega
Category: Sports, Hockey
Platform: Dreamcast
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: February 2000

Overall Rating: 4 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
4 Stars out of 4

With silky-smooth, convincingly-icy controls, and absolutely gorgeous graphics, NHL 2K is the best hockey game ever made. Sega is hands-down kicking EA's butt in the sports arena whether you like it or not.

The game features a wide array of realistic body checks and passes, and even such minor touches as players' heads turning to follow the puck.

With the TV-ish replay feature, players can even zoom in on facial expressions after a play if they so desire. Yes, the character animation goes well beyond seeing the small little characters slide back and forth on the ice. Ice spray after a hard brake is also a nice touch.

All 28 NHL teams have been licensed for NHL 2K. Players in the game will adjust their positioning and aggressiveness based on the coaching strategy that you pick before play begins, and players perform according to their real-life skill levels.

Manic sports freaks will notice each and every subtle detail that is so important to them, in order to capture the experience. Crowds drink sodas; championship banners hang from the rafters in appropriate stadiums; coaches run around shouting orders and reacting to the game.

More than 16,000 unique sound files ensure that play-by-play commentator Bob Cole and color commentator Harry Neale won't run out of things to say, and the sounds of ice and skates will sound natural instead of orchestrated.

Once again, Sega pulls a rabbit out of its hat. You can place your own hat trick pun here.

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