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NCAA Football 2000

video game review video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: NCAA Football 2000 Publisher: Electronic Arts
Category: Sports
Platform: PS1
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: June 1999

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 4

Review by Dwightfry
4 Stars out of 4

If you like college football and you like video games, this sports simulation will rock your world.  EA sports (the producer of the Madden series) has taken last years award winning title and made it better.  Lots better.  Choose from all 114 div. 1-A teams, and they even threw in 26 1-AA teams like the Ivy league.  Don`t like any of those teams,no problem.  Now you can create your own school and place it in the conference you would like to be in.  In the dynasty mode you can coach a team for multiple years and build the powerhouse of your dreams.  End of year recruiting has been enhanced so now you can go after specific players. You can even redshirt now. The game engine has remained the same with alot of subtle improvements. The computer AI has been improved so now its hard to have a "gimme"play. Your team is ranked every week and now you can compete for the Heisman Trophy along with others. Bottomline-If you just want a quick exhibition game against a buddy (or seven buddies) a single season or the very involving dynasty mode, NCAA 2000 will whet your college football appetite for a while.  I highly recommend it.

Review by Tom Allen
3 Stars out of 4

Key features:

- deeper Dynasty mode puts player in charge of actual recruiting to better control type
and quality of players - create-a-school: choose everything from enrollment to helmet color, and play in any game mode
- 220 teams, 114 div. 1-A, 26 new div. 1-AA
- team-specific playbooks
- more than 1100 plays
- one-button mode lets you focus on action; perform all moves with X button
- play 40 "great games" from last year's TV season
- 20 bowl games
- compete for the Heisman
- get coaches' tips


Only real downside is the mediocre graphics. Also, it's not easy to score, which is good for pro players. Good game.

Reader Feedback

I have the same comment about NCAA that I and my friends have had for years. I have been buying NCAA football for approximately 7 years now. At first for the Sega and for the last 5 years for the playstation. Nobody that I know playes anything but 5 minute quarters, and yet when you play seasons or dynasties, the other teams stats are still kept based on 15 minute quarters. It is impossible to compete on tackes when computer teams get 40 more minutes to rack up stats. I can't believe they haven't fixed that yet. Every year I buy the newest version thinking "surely this will be the year that they finally fix that!" Please give me your thoughts on this and pass it on to the EA guys if you have the power.    --Turner

I have played this game many times and it is the best football game ever but in your review it didn't sound as fun as it really is.    --Anonymous

NCAA Football 2000 has failed to compete with its predecessor, NCAA Football '99. While NCAA Football 2000 draws points for its excellent attention to player detail (graphics), it falls terribly short on its gameplay. NCAA Football '99 was far superior in its AI, allowing more realistic stats (such as more common interceptions, sacks, and completed passes). For example, a player could choose an NCAA powerhouse in "2000 "(such as Florida) and select, for their computer-controlled opponent, a Division I-AA or IVY League School (such as Harvard). The superior team (obviously the human-controlled Florida Gators) would unsuspectedly be beaten by the far inferior team. The poorly-composed team, controlled by the computer, would gain more interceptions, first downs, and forced fumbles than the NCAA powerhouse team. This is where "2000" falls overtly short of "'99". In terms of graphics, "2000" is a far superior product. When dealing with gameplay, however, "'99" outshines its terrible heir in a far more fantastic light. Now ponder this: Would you trade graphics for gameplay?

I wouldn't.    --M J Tischler

I bought the game and I found several noticable glitches:

  • While punting, if you squib it to the right, your own player catches it and you are stuck with a loss
  • During recruting, the forty times go up to 4.30, but that freshman gets better.   Faster than a 4.30 is incredible, Ron Dayne does not run as fast as some of the receivers.
  • You recruit players that are considered blue chips, but they don't even bench their own weight
  • The game is missing key freshmen such as Sean Doyle for Missouri, TJ Duckett for Michigan State, Jamar Mozee for Oklahoma, just to name a few.
  • The game needs height for each player if you supposedly recruit by height.   If you get a 6'7" lineman and he's the same height as everyone else, then it is pointless.
  • If you play All American seasons, your defenders play like morons and don't contain the run, they just go to their respective zones.
  • There are still hella gimme plays.
  • The play editor, you can't pull tackles and you can't pull any linemen into holes, instead, you pull them all the way to the outside.
  • Just a nit pic,  I would like to see Barry Sander's Oklahoma State, Joe Montana's Notre Dame, Jerome Bettis's Notre Dame, I can't find Derrick Thomas in Alabama 88, and there are a couple more legendary teams that were great.  They shouldn't be based on if there was a classic game or not, but if they had a superstar in the NFL, such as Jake Plummer, or any team from BYU with a great QB.

To the review on sacks and interceptions. To get around 15 sacks per game all you do is get between the center and the right guard, and a little to the right side of your nose guard on a nickle odd package. Get your best linebacker a blitz. To intercept get in front of the receiver and either face the ball and jump or face the ball and run towards it making sure it hits you, it will sort of bounce up and then you can easily intercept. This game is much better than last years with an improved computer player and overall control. It is very addictive, but fun to play. And if your good enough to figure out the gimme plays, then use them, if not don't complain. Real football also has the big play. Excellent game.    --Clayparker

I would like to start off saying that EA Sports/ NCAA Football 2000 is the best football game out there, too bad Madden can't even come close. The attention to detail is superb accept for uniforms. For example this year they corrected Ohio States pants from last year, but failed to correct other teams flaws. It seems as if there is a problem with tri-colors stripes on the pants. Also teams like Kentucky and Mich. St. have 3 stripes on the pants not 2. Also teams like Alabama and Oklahoma have thinner stripes than the one's on the game, but on Alabama State, they make the stripes thin. For as much details and graphic reality this game has they need to tighten these liitle loose ends up. Also for next year's edition I would like to see a fantasy mode where you can build a program, expand stadiums, and develop and change uniforms on your own. Does anybody know how I can get in touch with EA Sports to offer my suggestion, e-mail me at    --roll tide

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