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Maken X

video game review Video Game Review: Maken X Publisher: Sega
Category: Adventure
Platform: Dreamcast
ESRB Rating: Mature    Release Date: April 2000

Overall Rating: 1 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
1 Star out of 4

Sega's Maken X is a 20-level first-person Doom-style game with a refreshing twist on the genre: an actual story with seven endings. The game's claim to originality lies in the concept of "brainjacking," in which you acquire thirteen (13) new bodies. Players assume the role of a supernatural blade and use it to combat foes and possess different individuals.

Despite this, the game leaves a lot to be desired. In some respects, Maken X is better than Doom (nice graphics, story, less gore, which is good for some people). In other respects, Maken X falls short.

The camera angle leads to awkward jumping problems, as you can't see where you're landing. Also, you can not adjust the camera's height and angle. You are forever bound to look ahead, it seems. While you won't get as dizzy as with Turok (which easily allows you to look down as you jump), you will find yourself fussing with elevators and jumps.

Top this off with poor hit detection for enemies and awkward strafing, and you've got a Doom clone that looks great but plays so-so. Die-hard Doom fans will still enjoy it, though.

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