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Dino Crisis 2

video game review video game review video game review Video Game Review: Dino Crisis 2 Publisher: Capcom
Category: Adventure
Platform: PS1
ESRB Rating: Mature    Release Date: September 2000

Overall Rating: 3 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
3 Stars out of 4

The first thing we noticed about Dino Crisis 2 is the improved graphics. Pre-rendered backgrounds are here to stay, as they should be. Still, Resident Evil 3 looks better.

The second thing we noticed is how quickly we became bored with shooting endless raptors. When I passed through doors, I noticed combo tallies but basically ignored them because I had no idea what was going on. I thought it was just some gimmicky thing.

Well, you have to pay attention to that minor detail. As a veteran of Resident Evil, I thought I was supposed to stop and kill every dinosaur I saw. That's not the way to play Dino Crisis 2.

Instead, you need to run from screen to screen as fast as you can, trying to shoot while running. The object is to kill enemies in quick succession for "combo" points. These points are used as electronic currency when you access the Shop from the Save screen. In the Shop, you can purchase ammo, new weapons, or health items. As a result, you never really have to worry about conservation, thus eliminating the stress from the last two Resident Evil games.

As you plunder through mostly outdoor locales, you will be able to equip two weapons simultaneously as well as attack from high and low safe spots.

Most striking in terms of game play are the underwater areas, including a lake and a flooded base. Watch out for alligators!

As good as Dino Crisis 2 is, it doesn't quite reach the "A" mark. The characters are not as developed as those in the Resident Evil series. Only a handful of cinemas can be found in the game, and the ending is just as unsatisfying as in the original game. Plus, the image quality of these cinemas does not compare to Resident Evil 3.

I still don't get any thrills from the dinosaurs as enemies. They just don't scare me like Evil's zombies. The constant saturation of Hollywood-esque oh-so-close crashes, explosions, and random violent exploits is also just as irritating as it is in real films. This is why I refuse to see action movies, with rare exceptions.

Dino Crisis 2 reflects some very positive changes for the series, but the game lacks a certain moodiness to make it truly memorable. Resident Evil is still top dog.

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