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Featured Video Game Reviews video game review: Final Fantasy 8 "WOW!". If you liked Final Fantasy VII your gonna love FFVIII.  The Cimematic scenes are absolutely AMAZING and the plot is intriguing.  There is nothing lacking in FFVIII. The battle scenes can be very repetitive, but when it looks this good it doesn't matter. Definitely worth the time and money.  The complete review is available.


Alpha Centauri video game review In this video game, Sid Meier takes his civilization series to the limit!  This strategy game, available for Windows, is highly recommended by one of our reviewers.  The complete review is available.


Football video game review f you like college football and you like video games,this sports simulation will rock your world.  EA sports (the producer of the Madden series) has taken last years award winning title and made it better.  Lots better. The complete review is available.

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