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Role-Playing Video Game Reviews
(Listed Alphabetically)

Alundra 2 TeenPS1
Breath of Fire 4 3 TeenPS1
Chrono Cross TeenPS1
Crystalis 4 EveryoneGame Boy
Evolution 2 TeenDreamcast
Final Fantasy Anthology 3 TeenPS1
Final Fantasy IX TeenPS1
Final Fantasy VIII TeenPS1
Grandia 2 EveryonePS1
Koudelka MaturePS1
Legend of Dragoon TeenPS1
Legend of Legaia 2 EveryonePS1
Legend of Mana 3 TeenPS1
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, The 4 EveryoneN64
Pokemon Blue 3 EveryoneGame Boy
Pokemon Red 3 EveryoneGame Boy
Saga Frontier 2 3 TeenPS1
Silver 1 TeenDreamcast, PC
Skies of Arcadia TeenDreamcast
Star Ocean: The Second Story 4 EveryonePS1
Suikoden 4 EveryonePS1
Vagrant Story 3 TeenPS1
Wild Arms 2 EveryonePS1

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