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Puzzle Video Game Reviews
(Listed Alphabetically)

Bust A Move 4 3 EveryoneDreamcast, PS1, PC
Bust A Move Millennium EveryoneGame Boy
Chu Chu Rocket EveryoneDreamcast
Hey You, Pikachu 1 EveryoneN64
Magical Tetris Challenge 3 EveryoneN64, Game Boy
Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition 4 EveryoneGame Boy
Pokemon Puzzle League 3 EveryoneN64
Pokemon Stadium 2 EveryoneN64
Roll Away 1 EveryonePS1
Sonic Shuffle ½ EveryoneDreamcast
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack ½ MatureDreamcast, PS1, N64, PC
Space Channel 5 3 TeenDreamcast
Stephen King's F-13 2 TeenPC
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire: 2nd Edition EveryonePS1, PC, Mac

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