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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 4 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic, Family, Kids1982
East Of Eden 3 NRClassic, Drama1955
Ed Wood 3 RComedy, Drama1994
Edge, The RAction, Drama, Suspense1997
EDtv PG-13Comedy, Romance1999
Eight Legged Freaks PG-13Comedy, Horror2002
El Crimen Del Padre Amaro RDrama, Foreign2002
Election RComedy1999
Elephant 2 RDrama2003
Elf 3 PGComedy, Christmas, Family2003
Emerald Forest, The 3 RAction, Drama1985
Emma 3 PGComedy, Drama, Romance1996
Emperor's Club, The 3 PG-13Drama2002
Emperor's New Clothes, The 3 PGComedy2002
Emperor's New Groove, The 3 GComedy, Kids2000
Empire Records 1 PG-13Comedy, Drama1995
Empire Strikes Back, The 4 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Classic1980
Empire 2 RDrama2002
End of the Affair 2 RDrama, Romance1999
Enemy at the Gates RAction, Drama, Romance, War2001
Enemy of the State RAction, Suspense1998
Enforcer, The 3 RAction, Suspense1976
English Patient, The 3 RDrama, Romance1996
Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, The 2 PGComedy, Drama, Romance1995
Enigma 3 NRDrama, Suspense2001
Enough PG-13Drama, Suspense2002
Enter the Dragon 3 RAction, Cult, Martial-Arts1973
Entrapment 3 PG-13Action, Romance, Thriller1999
Envy PG-13Comedy2004
Equilibrium 3 RSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Suspense2002
Eraser 3 RAction1996
Erin Brockovich 3 RDrama, Comedy2000
Erotique 1 NC-17Comedy, Drama, Erotica, Gay/Lesbian, Romance1995
Escape From New York 3 RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense1981
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind RComedy, Romance2004
Eve's Bayou 2 RDrama1997
Evelyn 3 PGDrama2002
Event Horizon 3 RHorror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1997
Ever After: A Cinderella Story 3 PG-13Romance1998
Everest 3 NRDocumentary, Suspense1998
Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn 4 RHorror, Cult1987
Evil Dead, The NRCult, Comedy, Horror, Suspense1982
Evita PGDrama, Music1996
Evolution 2 PG-13Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2001
Executive Decision RAction, Suspense1996
Exit Wounds RAction2001
Exorcist, The 4 RClassic, Horror, Suspense1993
Exorcist: The Beginning RHorror2004
Exotica 2 RDrama, Gay/Lesbian1995
Extreme Measures 3 RMystery, Suspense1996
Extreme Ops ½ PG-13Action, Sports2002
Eye of the Beholder RSuspense2000
Eye, The 2 NRHorror, Foreign2003
Eyes Wide Shut RDrama1999

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