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Cabin Fever RHorror, Thriller2003
Calendar Girls 3 PG-13Comedy2003
Camp PG-13Comedy, Music2003
Canadian Bacon ½ PGComedy1995
Captain Corelli's Mandolin RDrama, Romance, War2001
Carlito's Way 2 RAction, Drama1993
Carrington RDrama, Romance, Gay/Lesbian1995
Casa De Los Babys RComedy, Drama2003
Casablanca 4 PGDrama, Romance, Suspense, Classic1943
Casino Royale 2 NR007, Comedy1967
Casino 2 RDrama, Suspense1995
Casper 2 PGAnimation, Kids, Comedy1995
Cast Away PG-13Drama2000
Cat In The Hat, The 2 PGComedy, Kids, Family2003
Cat People 3 RHorror, Erotica, Suspense1982
Cat's Meow, The 2 PG-13Drama, Suspense2002
Catch Me If You Can PG-13Action, Drama, Suspense2002
Catch That Kid 1 PGAction, Comedy, Kids2004
Cats & Dogs PGAction, Comedy, Kids2001
Catwoman PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2004
Caveman's Valentine, The 3 RDrama, Suspense2001
Cecil B. Demented RComedy, Cult2000
Celebrity RComedy1998
Cell, The 3 RSuspense, Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2000
Cellular PG-13Suspense, Thriller, Drama2004
Celluloid Closet, The RDocumentary, Gay/Lesbian1996
Center Stage 2 PG-13Drama, Romance2000
Chain Reaction PG-13Action, Suspense1996
Changing Lanes 3 RDrama, Suspense2002
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle PG-13Action, Comedy2003
Charlie's Angels 3 PG-13Action, Comedy2000
Chasing Amy RComedy, Drama, Romance1997
Chasing Liberty PG-13Comedy, Romance2004
Chasing Papi PGComedy2003
Cheaper By The Dozen 2 PGComedy, Family2003
Chicago 4 PG-13Comedy, Drama, Music2003
Chicken Run 3 GAnimation, Family, Kids2000
Children of the Corn RHorror1984
China Moon 3 RMystery, Suspense1994
Chinatown 4 RDrama, Noir, Classic, Suspense1974
Chocolat RDrama, Romance2001
Chopper, The 3 NRComedy, Drama2001
Christmas With The Kranks PGChristmas, Comedy2004
Chronicles Of Riddick, The PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2004
Chuck and Buck 2 RComedy, Drama, Gay/Lesbian2000
Cider House Rules, The PG-13Drama1999
Cinderella Story, A 2 PGComedy, Romance2004
Circle of Friends PG-13Drama, Romance1995
Citizen Kane 4 NRDrama, Classic1941
City By The Sea 3 RDrama2002
City Hall 2 RDrama, Suspense1996
City of Angels PG-13Drama, Romance1998
City Of Ghosts RSuspense2003
City Of God RAction, Drama, Foreign2003
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold PG-13Comedy, Western1994
Civil Action, A PG-13Drama, Thriller1999
Claim, The RRomance, Western2000
Clear and Present Danger 3 PG-13Action, Suspense1994
Clearing, The 3 RDrama, Suspense2004
Cleopatra 2 GDrama, Romance1963
Clerks RComedy, Independent1994
Client, The PG-13Drama, Mystery, Suspense1994
Clockers RDrama, Suspense1995
Clockstoppers 2 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Comedy2002
Clockwatchers PG-13Comedy1998
Clockwork Orange, A 3 RClassic, Cult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1972
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic1977
Cold Creek Manor RSuspense, Thriller2003
Cold Mountain RRomance, Drama, War2003
Collateral Damage RAction, Suspense2002
Collateral 3 RSuspense, Drama2004
Color of Night ½ RSuspense1994
Color of Paradise 3 PGDrama, Foreign2001
Coma 3 PGDrama, Horror, Suspense1978
Comedian RComedy, Documentary2002
Commando 3 RAction1985
Company Man 3 PG-13Comedy2001
Con Air RAction, Suspense1997
Conan the Barbarian 4 RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1982
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind 2 RComedy, Drama, Suspense2003
Confidence RDrama, Suspense2003
Congo 2 PG-13Action, Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense1995
Conspiracy Theory RSuspense, Thriller, Action, Drama1997
Contact PGDrama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1997
Contender, The 3 RDrama, Suspense2000
Cookie's Fortune PG-13Comedy, Drama1999
Cool World ½ PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1992
Cooler, The 3 RComedy, Romance2003
Copland RCrime, Drama, Suspense1997
Copycat RMystery, Suspense1995
Core, The 2 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2003
Corky Romano 1 PG-13Comedy2001
Count of Monte Cristo, The PG-13Action, Drama, Suspense2002
Country Bears, The GComedy, Kids, Music2002
Courage Under Fire RAction, Drama, War1996
Coyote Ugly 1 PG-13Comedy, Drama2000
Cradle 2 The Grave 2 RAction, Martial-Arts2003
Cradle Will Rock 2 RDrama1999
Craft, The RDrama, Horror, Suspense1996
Crash NC-17Drama, Cult1997
Crazy in Alabama 2 PG-13Comedy, Drama1999
Crazy/Beautiful PG-13Drama, Romance2001
Crew, The 2 PG-13Comedy2000
Crimson Tide 3 RAction, Suspense1995
Critical Care 2 RComedy1997
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angelos 2 PGComedy2001
Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course ½ PGAction, Comedy2002
Crossing Guard, The RDrama, Suspense1995
Crossroads 2 PG-13Comedy, Music2002
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 3 PG-13Action, Foreign2000
Croupier 3 RCult, Drama, Suspense2000
Crow, The 3 RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense1994
Cruel Intentions RDrama1999
Crumb 3 RDocumentary1995
Crush 2 RComedy, Drama, Romance2002
Cry the Beloved Country PG-13Drama1995
Curse of the Jade Scorpion PG-13Comedy, Suspense2001
Cutthroat Island PG-13Action1995

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