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Thriller Movie Reviews
(highest rated movies listed first)

TitleRatingMPAAReleaseAdditional Genres

Arlington Road R1999
Best Laid Plans R1999
Negotiator, The R1998

Air Force One 3 R1997
Cell, The 3 R2000 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Deep Rising 3 R1998
Entrapment 3 PG-131999
Face/Off 3 R1997
Game, The 3 R1997 Drama
Gift, The 3 R2001
Kill Bill Volume 2 3 R2004
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 3 R2003
Kiss the Girls 3 R1997
Manchurian Candidate, The 3 R2004
Monster 3 R2004
Mystic River 3 R2003
Owning Mahowny 3 R2003
Ronin 3 R1998
Runaway Jury 3 PG-132003
Simple Plan, A 3 R1998
Stir of Echoes 3 R1999
Swimming Pool 3 R2003 French

Apt Pupil R1998
Butterfly Effect, The R2004
Cabin Fever R2003
Cellular PG-132004 Drama
Civil Action, A PG-131999
Conspiracy Theory R1997 Action, Drama
Devil's Advocate, The R1997
Fallen R1998
Frailty R2002
General's Daughter, The R1999
Gingerbread Man, The R1998
Glass House, The PG-132001
Good Thief, The R2003
Hollow Man R2000
I Know What You Did Last Summer R1997
Italian Job, The PG-132003
Mercury Rising R1998
Payback R1999
Peacemaker, The R1997
S.W.A.T. PG-132003
Thomas Crown Affair, The R1999
Village, The PG-132004

8mm 2 R1999
Astronaut's Wife, The 2 R1999
Double Jeopardy 2 R1999
Grudge, The 2 PG-132004
Licence To Kill 2 PG-131989
Out Of Time 2 PG-132003
Psycho 2 R1998
Siege, The 2 R1998
Spy Game 2 R2001
Stigmata 2 R1999
Switchback 2 R1997
Thirteenth Floor, The 2 R1999
U.S. Marshals 2 PG-131998

Alien Resurrection R1997
Cold Creek Manor R2003
Hard Rain R1998
House on Haunted Hill R1999
Hush PG-131998
Ninth Gate, The R2000
Once Upon A Time In Mexico R2003
Perfect Murder, A R1998 Drama
Red Planet PG-132000
Snake Eyes R1998
Sphere PG-131998
Suspect Zero R2004
Tomorrow Never Dies PG-131997
Vampires R1998
Watcher, The R2000
Way of the Gun, The R2000

Big Bounce, The 1 PG-132004
Blade 1 R1998
Mod Squad, The 1 R1999
Playing God 1 R1997

Omega Code, The ½ PG-131999

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