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Suspense Movie Reviews
(highest rated movies listed first)

TitleRatingMPAAReleaseAdditional Genres

Alien 4 R1997
Asphalt Jungle 4 NR1950
Badlands 4 PG1974
Body Heat 4 R1981
Casablanca 4 PG1943 Classic
Chinatown 4 R1974
Day Of The Jackal 4 PG1973
Exorcist, The 4 R1993
Freeway 4 R1996
Goldfinger 4 PG1964 Classic
L.A. Confidential 4 R1997
Last Boy Scout, The 4 R1991
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior 4 R1982
Pulp Fiction 4 R1994 Independent
Rear Window 4 PG1954 Classic
Silence Of The Lambs, The 4 R1991
Thing, The 4 R1982

Alien: The Director's Cut R2003 Action
Aliens R1986
Arlington Road R1999 Thriller
Best Laid Plans R1999 Thriller
Big Lebowski, The R1998 Independent
Blow Out R1981
Blue Velvet R1986
Bound R1996
Catch Me If You Can PG-132002
Clockers R1995
Deep End, The R2001
Dirty Harry R1971
Evil Dead, The NR1982
Executive Decision R1996
Fargo R1996 Independent
French Connection, The R1971 Classic
Halloween R1978
Insider, The R1999
Insomnia R2002
Jackal, The R1997
Jaws PG1975 Action, Horror
Limey, The R1999
Maltese Falcon, The NR1941 Classic
Memento R2001
Mission: Impossible 2 PG-132000
Negotiator, The R1998 Thriller
North By Northwest NR1959 Mystery
Notorious NR1946
One Hour Photo R2002
Pledge, The R2001
Quiet American, The R2002 War
Scream 2 R1997
Scream R1996
Sleepers R1996
Spanish Prisoner PG1998 Mystery
Talented Mr. Ripley, The R1999
Terminator, The R1984
Yards, The R2000
Young Poisoner's Handbook, The R1996

15 Minutes 3 R2001
Affliction 3 R1998
Air Force One 3 R1997 Thriller
Along Came a Spider 3 R2001
Bank, The 3 NR2002
Basic Instinct 3 R1992 Mystery
Big Easy, The 3 R1987
Blink 3 R1994
Broken Arrow 3 R1996
Buffalo Soldiers 3 R2003
Cat People 3 R1982
Caveman's Valentine, The 3 R2001
Cell, The 3 R2000 Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Changing Lanes 3 R2002
China Moon 3 R1994
Clear and Present Danger 3 PG-131994
Clearing, The 3 R2004
Collateral 3 R2004 Drama
Coma 3 PG1978
Contender, The 3 R2000
Crimson Tide 3 R1995
Croupier 3 R2000
Crow, The 3 R1994
Dead Pool, The 3 R1988
Diamonds Are Forever 3 PG1971
Disclosure 3 R1994
Dog Day Afternoon 3 R1975
Dogville 3 R2004
Donnie Brasco 3 R1997
Enforcer, The 3 R1976
Enigma 3 NR2001
Equilibrium 3 R2002
Escape From New York 3 R1981
Everest 3 NR1998
Extreme Measures 3 R1996
Face/Off 3 R1997 Thriller
Frequency 3 PG-132000
From Dusk Till Dawn 3 R1996
From Russia With Love 3 PG1964 Classic
Game, The 3 R1997 Thriller, Drama
Gattaca 3 PG-131997
Getaway, The 3 PG1972
Gift, The 3 R2001 Thriller
Go 3 R1999
Hearts in Atlantis 3 PG-132001 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Heist 3 R2001
Hunt for Red October, The 3 PG1990
I, Robot 3 PG-132004
Identity 3 R2003
In The Line Of Fire 3 R1993
Internal Affairs 3 R1990
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 3 NR1956
Jackie Brown 3 R1997
Joy Ride 3 R2001
Jurassic Park III 3 PG-132001
Kiss the Girls 3 R1997 Thriller
Ladykillers, The 3 R2004
Last Castle, The 3 R2001
Lethal Weapon 3 R1987
Life of David Gale, The 3 PG-132003
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The 3 PG-132001
Machinist, The 3 R2004
Magnum Force 3 R1973
Man Who Wasn't There, The 3 R2001
Manchurian Candidate, The 3 R2004 Thriller
Mexican, The 3 R2001
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 3 R1997
Minority Report 3 PG-132002
Mississippi Burning 3 R1988
Moonraker 3 PG1979
Mulholland Drive 3 R2001
Music Box 3 R1990
Mute Witness 3 R1995
Mystic River 3 R2003 Thriller
Narc 3 R2003
No Man's Land 3 R2001 War
Point Blank 3 NR1967
Primal Fear 3 R1996
Psycho 3 R1960
Red Dragon 3 R2002 Horror
Reservoir Dogs 3 R1992
Rob Roy 3 R1995
Rock, The 3 R1996
Ronin 3 R1998 Thriller
Rounders 3 R1998
Seven 3 R1995
Sexy Beast 3 R2001
Shaft 3 R1971
Signs 3 PG-132002
Snow Falling on Cedars 3 PG-131999
Spy Who Loved Me, The 3 PG1977
Stir of Echoes 3 R1999 Thriller
Sudden Impact 3 R1993
Suicide Kings 3 R1998
Sum Of All Fears, The 3 PG-132002
Swordfish 3 R2001
Tailor of Panama, The 3 R2001
Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3 R1991
Thirteen Days 3 PG-132001
Thunderball 3 PG1965 Classic
Time to Kill, A 3 R1996
Training Day 3 R2001
Ulee's Gold 3 R1997
Usual Suspects, The 3 R1995
Vertigo 3 PG1958 Classic
Witness 3 R1985 Romance
XXX 3 PG-132002

Absolute Power R1997
Apt Pupil R1998 Thriller
Bandits PG-132001
Behind Enemy Lines PG-132001 War
Birth R2004 Drama
Blood Work R2002
Bone Collector, The R1999
Bourne Identity, The PG-132002
Bourne Supremacy, The PG-132004
Breakdown R1997
Cellular PG-132004 Thriller, Drama
City Of Ghosts R2003
Client, The PG-131994
Collateral Damage R2002
Con Air R1997
Confidence R2003
Conspiracy Theory R1997 Thriller, Action, Drama
Copland R1997
Copycat R1995
Count of Monte Cristo, The PG-132002
Curse of the Jade Scorpion PG-132001
Dark City R1998
Devil in a Blue Dress R1995
Devil's Advocate, The R1997 Thriller
Die Another Day PG-132002 007
Die Hard With a Vengeance R1995
Dolores Claiborne R1995 Horror
Domestic Disturbance PG-132001
Don't Say a Word R2001
Dr. No PG1963
Dreamcatcher R2003
Edge, The R1997
Enemy of the State R1998
Enough PG-132002
Fallen R1998 Thriller
Femme Fatale R2002
Firm, The R1993
Fled R1996
For Your Eyes Only PG1981
Frailty R2002 Thriller
From Hell R2001
Get Shorty R1995
Gingerbread Man, The R1998 Thriller
Glass House, The PG-132001 Thriller
GoldenEye PG-131995
Good Thief, The R2003 Thriller
Gosford Park R2002
Heat R1995
Holes PG2003
Hollow Man R2000 Thriller
JFK R1991
John Q. PG-132002
Ladder 49 PG-132004 Drama
Lord Of Illusions R1995
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The PG-131997
Mad City PG-131997
Mercury Rising R1998 Thriller
Missing, The PG2003
Murder at 1600 R1997
Murder By Numbers R2002
Net, The PG-131995
Ocean's Eleven PG-132001
Octopussy PG1983
Panic Room R2002
Payback R1999 Thriller
Peacemaker, The R1997 Thriller
Phone Booth R2003
Rainmaker, The PG-131997
Ransom R1996
Recruit, The PG-132003
Saw R2004
Score, The R2001
Shallow Grave R1995 Drama, Mystery
Silent Fall R1994
Snatch R2001
Spellbound NR1945
Substitute, The R1996
Summer of Sam R1999
Three Days of the Condor R1975
Trapped R2002
Unbreakable PG-132000
Undertow R2004
Unfaithful R2002 Erotica
Village, The PG-132004 Thriller
Weight Of Water, The R2002
Westworld PG1973
Wild Things R1998
You Only Live Twice PG1967

8mm 2 R1999 Thriller
Abandon 2 PG-132002
Bad Company 2 PG-132002
Beach, The 2 R2000
Black Widow 2 R1987
Casino 2 R1995
Cat's Meow, The 2 PG-132002
City Hall 2 R1996
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind 2 R2003
Congo 2 PG-131995
Dark Blue 2 R2003
Darkness Falls 2 PG-132003
Desperado 2 R1995 Western
Final Destination 2 2 R2003
Fish Called Wanda 2 R1988
Formula 51 2 R2002
Ghost Ship 2 R2002
Gothika 2 R2003 Mystery
Guns Of Navarone, The 2 NR1961 War
Hannibal 2 R2001
Hear No Evil 2 R1993
Heavenly Creatures 2 R1994
High Crimes 2 PG-132002
Home Fries 2 PG-131998
Impostor 2 PG-132002
Instinct 2 R1999
Intacto 2 R2001 Foreign, Spanish
Interview with the Vampire 2 R1994
Jeepers Creepers 2 2 R2003
Knockaround Guys 2 R2002
Live and Let Die 2 PG1973
Living Daylights, The 2 PG1987
Lost Highway 2 R1997
Magnificent Seven, The 2 NR1960 Western
Man With the Golden Gun, The 2 PG1974
Masquerade 2 R1998
Mimic 2 R1997
Mission: Impossible 2 PG-131996
Mothman Prophecies, The 2 PG-132002
Naked Lunch 2 R1991
Nick of Time 2 R1995
Novocaine 2 R2001
On Her Majestys Secret Service 2 PG1969
Out Of Time 2 PG-132003 Thriller
Outbreak 2 R1995
Palmetto 2 R1998
Perfect World, A 2 PG-131993
Proof of Life 2 R2000
Psycho 2 R1998 Thriller
Radioland Murders 2 PG1994
Ravenous 2 R1999
Red Corner 2 R1997
Salton Sea, The 2 R2002
Shooting Fish 2 PG1998
Siege, The 2 R1998 Thriller
Smillas Sense of Snow 2 R1997
Solaris 2 PG-132002
Soul Survivors 2 PG-132001
Spider 2 R2003
Spy Game 2 R2001 Thriller
Stepford Wives, The 2 PG-132004
Suspect 2 R1987
Swimfan 2 PG-132002
Switchback 2 R1997 Thriller
Tangled 2 R2001
Tears Of The Sun 2 R2003
Timeline 2 PG-132003
Trigger Effect, The 2 R1996
Trixie 2 R2000
True Crime 2 R1995
Truth About Charlie, The 2 PG-132002
U.S. Marshals 2 PG-131998 Thriller
Valentine 2 R2001
Vanishing, The 2 R1993
Virtuosity 2 R1995
What Lies Beneath 2 PG-132000
Wicker Park 2 PG-132004
World is not Enough, The 2 PG-131999
Year Of The Dragon 2 R1985

Antitrust PG-132001
Art of War, The R2000
Basic R2003
Blade II R2002
Bless the Child R2000
Chain Reaction PG-131996
Cold Creek Manor R2003 Thriller
Craft, The R1996
Crossing Guard, The R1995
Dante's Peak PG-131997
Daylight PG-131996
Dragonfly PG-132002
Eye of the Beholder R2000
Fast and the Furious, The PG-132001
FearDotCom R2002
Fear R1996
Get Carter R2000
Gloria R1999
Gone in 60 Seconds PG-132000
Gossip R2000
Hunted, The R2003
Hush PG-131998 Thriller
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer R1998
Jade R1995
Just Cause R1995
Lost Souls R2000 Drama
Never Say Never Again PG1983
Original Sin R2001
Perfect Murder, A R1998 Thriller, Drama
Poseidon Adventure, The PG1972
Reindeer Games R2000
Saint, The PG-131997
Shiner R2000
Snake Eyes R1998 Thriller
Sphere PG-131998 Thriller
Suspect Zero R2004 Thriller
Taking Lives R2004
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead R1995 Noir
Tomorrow Never Dies PG-131997 Thriller
Trial By Jury R1994
Twisted R2004
Urban Legends: Final Cut R2000
Watcher, The R2000 Thriller
Way of the Gun, The R2000 Thriller

3000 Miles to Graceland 1 R2001
Above Suspicion 1 R1995
Big Bounce, The 1 PG-132004 Thriller
Blown Away 1 R1994
Bottle Rocket 1 R1996
Diabolique 1 R1996
Hackers 1 PG-131995
Juror, The 1 R1996
Mulholland Falls 1 R1996
Othello 1 R1995
Playing God 1 R1997 Thriller
Scooby-Doo 1 PG2002
Scorned 1 NR1993
Shadow, The 1 PG-131994
Slaughter Of The Innocents 1 R1993
Specialist, The 1 R1994
Terminal Velocity 1 PG-131994
Two If By Sea 1 R1996
Unforgettable 1 R2003

Amateur ½ R1995
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever ½ R2002
Boxing Helena ½ R1993
Color of Night ½ R1994
Heaven's Prisoners ½ R1996
Natural Born Killers ½ R1994
Never Talk To Strangers ½ R1995
Omega Code, The ½ PG-131999 Thriller
One Tough Cop ½ R1998
Shadow Conspiracy ½ R1997
Skulls, The ½ PG-132000

Relic, The 0 R1997

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade --- PG1989 Family

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