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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Reviews
(highest rated movies listed first)

TitleRatingMPAAReleaseAdditional Genres

2001: a Space Odyssey 4 G1968 Cult
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence 4 PG-132001
Alien 4 R1997 Suspense
Black Hole, The 4 PG1979 Kids, Cult
Blade Runner 4 R1982 Action, Cult
Conan the Barbarian 4 R1982
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 4 PG1982 Classic, Family, Kids
Empire Strikes Back, The 4 PG1980 Action, Classic
Hook 4 PG1991 Kids
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior 4 R1982 Suspense
Metropolis 4 NR1927
Robocop 4 R1987 Cult
Silent Running 4 G1971 Drama, Action, Cult
Star Wars 4 PG1977 Action, Classic
Thing, The 4 R1982 Suspense
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 4 G1971
Wizard of Oz, The 4 G1939 Action

Alien: The Director's Cut R2003 Horror, Suspense, Action
Aliens R1986 Suspense
Andromeda Strain, The G1971
Antz PG1998
Back To The Future Part 3 PG1990 Western
Back To The Future PG1985
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PG1977 Classic
Contact PG1997
Donnie Darko R2001
Iron Giant, The PG1999
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The PG-132003 Action, Drama
Shrek PG2001
Sleeper PG1973 Classic
Spider-Man 2 PG-132004 Action
Terminator, The R1984 Suspense
Total Recall R1990

13 Going On 30 3 PG-132004
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 3 G1954
Abyss, The 3 PG-131989 Action, Horror
Apollo 13 3 PG1995
Arrival, The 3 PG-131996
Bicentennial Man 3 PG1999
Big Trouble in Little China 3 PG-131986 Action, Cult
Brazil 3 R1985 Comedy, Cult
Cell, The 3 R2000
Clockwork Orange, A 3 R1972
Crow, The 3 R1994 Suspense
Day The Earth Stood Still, The 3 G1951
Deep Impact 3 PG-131998 Action, Drama
Dune 3 PG-131984
Equilibrium 3 R2002 Action, Suspense
Escape From New York 3 R1981 Suspense
Event Horizon 3 R1997
Faculty, The 3 R1998
Fahrenheit 451 3 NR1966 Romance
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 3 PG-132001
Frequency 3 PG-132000 Suspense
Galaxy Quest 3 PG1999
Gattaca 3 PG-131997 Drama, Suspense
Ghostbusters 3 PG1984
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 3 PG2002
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 3 PG2001 Kids
Hearts in Atlantis 3 PG-132001
Hulk, The 3 PG-132003
I, Robot 3 PG-132004 Action, Suspense
Independence Day 3 PG-131996
Indian in the Cupboard 3 PG1995
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 3 NR1956 Horror, Cult, Suspense
Jurassic Park III 3 PG-132001 Suspense
Jurassic Park 3 PG-131993
Logan's Run 3 NR1976
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The 3 PG-132001 Action, Suspense
Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, The 3 PG-132002 Action, Drama
Mad Max 3 R1980
Men in Black 3 PG-131997 Action, Comedy
Minority Report 3 PG-132002 Suspense
Moonraker 3 PG1979 Suspense
Outland 3 R1981
Pleasantville 3 PG-131998
Return of the Jedi 3 PG1983 Action, Classic
Secret of Roan Inish, The 3 PG1995
Signs 3 PG-132002 Suspense
Simone 3 PG-132002 Drama
Soylent Green 3 PG1973
Space Cowboys 3 PG-132000 Action
Spider-Man 3 PG-132002
Star Kid 3 PG1997
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3 PG1999
Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3 R1991 Suspense
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 3 R2003
Time After Time 3 PG1979
Trekkies 3 PG1998
War Of The Worlds 3 G1953 Classic, Action, Drama
X-Men 3 PG-132000 Action
X2: X-Men United 3 PG-132003

28 Days Later R2003
6th Day, The R2000
Armageddon PG-131998 Action
Atlantis: The Lost Empire PG2001
Back To The Future Part II PG1989
Brigadoon G1954
Butterfly Effect, The R2004 Thriller
Daredevil PG-132003
Dark City R1998 Suspense
Deep Blue Sea R1999 Action, Horror
Fifth Element, The PG-131997 Action, Cult
Godzilla 2000 PG2000 Cult
Good Boy! PG2003
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban PG2004
Hellboy PG-132004
Hollow Man R2000 Suspense, Thriller
Jumanji PG1995
Kate and Leopold PG-132001
King Kong NR1933
Lilo & Stitch PG2002
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The PG-131997 Suspense
Mars Attacks! PG-131996
Matrix Reloaded, The R2003
Matrix, The R1999 Martial Arts, Cult
Paycheck PG-132003 Action
Phenomenon PG1996
Reign Of Fire PG-132002
Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow PG2004 Action
Star Trek: First Contact PG-131996 Action
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones PG2002 Action
Time Machine, The PG-132002 Action
Tuck Everlasting PG2002
Westworld PG1973 Suspense

Astronaut's Wife, The 2 R1999 Thriller
Batman Forever 2 PG-131995
Batman 2 PG-131989
Black Knight 2 PG-132001
Clockstoppers 2 PG2002 Comedy
Congo 2 PG-131995 Suspense
Core, The 2 PG-132003
Day After Tomorrow, The 2 PG-132004 Action, Drama
Dragonheart 2 PG-131996
Evolution 2 PG-132001
Godzilla 2 PG-131998
Heavenly Creatures 2 R1994 Suspense
Impostor 2 PG-132002 Suspense
Judge Dredd 2 R1995 Action
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life 2 PG-132003
Mask, The 2 PG-131994
Matrix Revolutions, The 2 R2003
Meet Joe Black 2 PG-131998
Men In Black II 2 PG-132002
Mimic 2 R1997 Horror, Suspense
Mothman Prophecies, The 2 PG-132002 Suspense
Mystery Men 2 PG-131999
Naked Lunch 2 R1991 Suspense
Nutty Professor, The 2 PG-131996
Planet of the Apes 2 PG-132001
Planet of the Apes 2 G1968 Classic, Cult, Action
Punisher, The 2 R2004
Small Soldiers 2 PG-131998 Action, Comedy
Solaris 2 PG-132002 Suspense
Spawn 2 PG-131997
Species 2 R1995
Star Trek: Generations 2 PG1994
Star Trek: Insurrection 2 PG1998 Action
Star Trek: Nemesis 2 PG-132002 Action
Stargate 2 PG-131994
Starship Trooper 2 R1997 War, Action
Stepford Wives, The 2 PG-132004 Comedy, Suspense
Thirteenth Floor, The 2 R1999 Thriller
Three Wishes 2 PG1995
Timecop 2 R1994
Timeline 2 PG-132003 Action, Suspense
Titan A.E. 2 PG2000
Treasure Planet 2 PG2002
Virtuosity 2 R1995 Suspense
Waterworld 2 PG-131995 Action
What Dreams May Come 2 PG-131998
Wild Wild West 2 PG-131999 Western, Comedy

Alien Resurrection R1997 Thriller
Alien vs. Predator PG-132004 Horror, Action
Antitrust PG-132001 Suspense
Catwoman PG-132004
Chronicles Of Riddick, The PG-132004 Action
Forbidden Planet G1956 Classic, Cult
Island of Dr. Moreau, The PG-131996
Jason X R2002
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The PG-132003
Postman, The R1997 Drama
Powder PG-131995
Red Planet PG-132000 Thriller
Scorpion King, The PG-132002
Sphere PG-131998 Suspense, Thriller
Thief of Bagdad, The NR1940
Tomb Raider PG-132001
Vampires R1998 Thriller

Alien 3 1 R1992
All Dogs Go To Heaven 1 G1989
Batman & Robin 1 PG-131997
Bulletproof Monk 1 PG-132003
Dungeons and Dragons 1 PG-132000
Ghosts of Mars 1 R2001
Hackers 1 PG-131995 Suspense
Lost in Space 1 PG-131998
No Escape 1 R1994
One, The 1 PG-132001
Pitch Black 1 R2000
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 1 R2004 Action, Horror
Resident Evil 1 R2002
Space Truckers 1 PG-131997
Supernova 1 PG-132000 Action
Theodore Rex 1 PG1996

Adventures Of Pluto Nash, The ½ PG-132002
Cool World ½ PG-131992
Fortress ½ R1993
Highlander: Endgame ½ R2000
Johnny Mnemonic ½ R1995 Action
Monolith ½ R1993
Rollerball ½ PG-132002 Action, Sports
Soldier ½ R1998
Species II ½ R1998
Thunderbirds ½ PG2004 Kids, Action
Universal Soldier: The Return ½ R1999
Wing Commander ½ PG-131999 Action, War

Avengers, The 0 PG1998
Battlefield Earth 0 PG-132000
Magic In the Water 0 PG1995
My Favorite Martian 0 PG1999

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