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Mystery Movie Reviews
(highest rated movies listed first)

TitleRatingMPAAReleaseAdditional Genres

Day Of The Jackal 4 PG1973 Suspense
L.A. Confidential 4 R1997 Drama, Action, Suspense
Rear Window 4 PG1954 Suspense, Classic
Shining, The 4 R1980

Big Lebowski, The R1998 Suspense, Independent
Blow Out R1981 Suspense
Double Indemnity NR1944 Noir, Classic
Maltese Falcon, The NR1941 Noir, Suspense, Classic
Memento R2001 Suspense
North By Northwest NR1959
Notorious NR1946 Noir, Suspense
Spanish Prisoner PG1998
Young Sherlock Holmes PG-131985 Cult

Basic Instinct 3 R1992
China Moon 3 R1994 Suspense
Disclosure 3 R1994 Suspense
Extreme Measures 3 R1996 Suspense
Game, The 3 R1997 Suspense, Thriller, Drama
In The Heat Of The Night 3 NR1967 Classic
Kiss the Girls 3 R1997 Suspense, Thriller
Machinist, The 3 R2004 Drama, Suspense
Mute Witness 3 R1995 Suspense
Primal Fear 3 R1996 Suspense
Prince Of The City 3 R1981
Ring, The 3 PG-132002
Seven Days In May 3 NR1964
Suicide Kings 3 R1998 Suspense
Time to Kill, A 3 R1996 Suspense
Usual Suspects, The 3 R1995 Suspense
Vertigo 3 PG1958 Suspense, Classic
Zero Effect 3 R1998 Romance

Birth R2004 Suspense, Drama
Client, The PG-131994 Suspense
Copycat R1995 Suspense
Devil in a Blue Dress R1995 Noir, Suspense
Dolores Claiborne R1995 Suspense, Horror
I Know What You Did Last Summer R1997 Thriller
Long Kiss Goodnight, The R1996
Net, The PG-131995 Suspense
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl PG-132003
Shallow Grave R1995
Silent Fall R1994 Suspense
Spellbound NR1945 Suspense

Black Widow 2 R1987 Suspense
Gothika 2 R2003
Heavenly Creatures 2 R1994 Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Radioland Murders 2 PG1994 Suspense
Suspect 2 R1987 Suspense
True Crime 2 R1995 Suspense
Vanishing, The 2 R1993 Suspense
Wicker Park 2 PG-132004 Romance, Suspense
Wolf 2 R1994

Fear R1996 Suspense
House on Haunted Hill R1999 Thriller
Just Cause R1995 Suspense
Persons Unknown NR1996
Striking Distance R1993
Suspect Zero R2004 Suspense, Thriller
Trial By Jury R1994 Suspense

Above Suspicion 1 R1995 Suspense
Blown Away 1 R1994 Suspense
Diabolique 1 R1996 Suspense
Drop Zone 1 R1994
Judicial Consent 1 NR1994
Shadow, The 1 PG-131994 Suspense
Slaughter Of The Innocents 1 R1993 Suspense
Unforgettable 1 R2003 Suspense

Heaven's Prisoners ½ R1996 Suspense

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