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TitleRatingMPAAReleaseAdditional Genres

Seven Samurai 4 NR1956
Wild Reeds 4 NR1995 Gay/Lesbian

Breaking the Waves R1996
Hero PG-132004
In the Mood For Love PG2001
Nowhere In Africa NR2003 German

Color of Paradise 3 PG2001
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 3 PG-132000
Danny Deckchair 3 PG-132004
Daughter From Danang 3 NR2002
Dogville 3 R2004 Suspense
Fahrenheit 451 3 NR1966 Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance
Germinal 3 R1994
Green Dragon 3 PG-132002
Heaven 3 R2002 Italian
Il Postino 3 PG1995
Ladybird Ladybird 3 R1995
Life Is Beautiful 3 PG-131998
Mad Love 3 R2002
No Man's Land 3 R2001 Suspense, War
Rashomon 3 NR1951 Drama
Red Violin, The 3 NR1999 Music
Stalingrad 3 NR1993 War
Under the Sun 3 NR2001 Drama, Romance
Whale Rider 3 PG-132003
Yojimbo 3 NR1962

City Of God R2003
Day I Became a Woman, The NR2001
Dreamers, The NC-172004 Romance
El Crimen Del Padre Amaro R2002
Merci Pour le Chocolat NR2002 French
Monsoon Wedding R2002
Muriel's Wedding R1995
My Wife Is An Actress R2002
Picture Bride PG-131995
Respiro PG-132003 Italian
Shadow Magic PG2001

Alias Betty 2 NR2002
Eye, The 2 NR2003
Hard Word, The 2 R2003
Intacto 2 R2001 Spanish
Iron Monkey 2 PG-132001
Legend of Drunken Master 2 R2000 Martial Arts
Man Without a Past, The 2 PG-132003 Finish
Mostly Martha 2 PG2002

Brotherhood of the Wolf NR2002
Italian For Beginners R2002

Pinocchio 0 G2002 Kids

Pauline and Paulette --- PG2002

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