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TitleRatingMPAAReleaseAdditional Genres

Chicago 4 PG-132003 Drama, Music
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 4 PG1964 Drama, Classic
Ghost 4 PG-131990 Drama
May 4 R2003
Nashville 4 R1975 Drama, Music
Scent of a Woman 4 R1992 Drama
Shakespeare in Love 4 R1998 Romance
Singin' In The Rain 4 G1952 Romance
Toy Story 4 G1995 Family, Kids

About Schmidt R2003 Drama
Adaptation R2003 Drama
All About Eve NR1950 Drama
American Beauty R1999
Antz PG1998 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Back To The Future PG1985 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Before Sunrise R1995 Drama, Romance
Being John Malkovich R1999 Drama
Being There PG1980
Best in Show PG-132000
Big Lebowski, The R1998 Mystery, Suspense, Independent
Borrowers, The PG1998 Family, Kids
Bowling For Columbine NR2002 Documentary
Chasing Amy R1997 Drama, Romance
Clockwatchers PG-131998
Dish, The PG-132001 Drama
Election R1999
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind R2004 Romance
Evil Dead, The NR1982 Horror, Suspense
Fargo R1996 Drama, Suspense, Independent
Father of the Bride Part II PG1995 Romance
Freaky Friday PG2003 Kids, Family
Good Girl, The R2002 Romance
Grease PG1978 Romance, Music
Hero PG-131992 Drama
House of Yes R1997
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back R2001
Last Orders R2001 Drama
Manhattan R1979 Romance, Classic
Mean Girls PG-132004 Romance
Network R1976 Drama
Notting Hill PG-131999 Romance
Nurse Betty R2000
Paper Moon PG1973 Drama
Pretty Woman R1990 Romance
Primary Colors R1998 Drama
Purple Rose of Cairo PG1985 Classic, Romance
Shrek 2 PG2004 Kids, Family
Shrek PG2001 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Six Degrees of Separation R1993 Drama
Sleeper PG1973 Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic
State and Main R2001
Young Poisoner's Handbook, The R1996 Drama, Suspense

13 Going On 30 3 PG-132004 Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
48 Hours 3 R1982
About A Boy 3 PG2002 Romance
Addicted to Love 3 R1997 Romance
Agent Cody Banks 3 PG2003 Kids
Aladdin 3 G1992 Family, Kids
American Dreamer 3 PG1984 Romance
American Graffiti 3 PG1973 Drama
American Pie 2 3 R2001
American Pie 3 R1999
Analyze This 3 R1999
Angela's Ashes 3 R2000
Animal House 3 R1978
Annie Hall 3 PG1977 Drama, Romance, Classic
As Good As It Gets 3 PG-131997 Romance, Drama
Babe 3 G1995
Back To The Beach 3 PG1987 Music
Bad Santa 3 R2003 Christmas
Bartleby 3 NR2001
Before Sunset 3 R2004 Romance
Bend It Like Bekham 3 PG-132003 Drama
Beverly Hills Cop 3 R1984
Bicentennial Man 3 PG1999 Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Big Fish 3 PG-132004 Drama
Big Night 3 R1996 Drama
Big Squeeze, The 3 R1996
Big Trouble in Little China 3 PG-131986 Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Cult
Bowfinger 3 PG-131999
Brazil 3 R1985 Cult
Breakin' All The Rules 3 PG-132004
Bridget Jones's Diary 3 R2001 Romance
Bringing out the Dead 3 R1999
Brothers McMullen, The 3 R1995 Drama, Romance
Buffalo Soldiers 3 R2003 Drama, Suspense
Calendar Girls 3 PG-132003
Charlie's Angels 3 PG-132000
Chopper, The 3 NR2001 Drama
Company Man 3 PG-132001
Cooler, The 3 R2003 Romance
Danny Deckchair 3 PG-132004 Romance, Foreign
Dick 3 PG-131999
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 3 PG1998
Down With Love 3 PG-132003 Romance
Dream With the Fishes 3 R1997 Drama
Duplex 3 PG-132003
Ed Wood 3 R1994 Drama
Elf 3 PG2003 Christmas, Family
Emma 3 PG1996 Drama, Romance
Emperor's New Clothes, The 3 PG2002
Emperor's New Groove, The 3 G2000 Kids
Erin Brockovich 3 R2000
Family Thing, A 3 PG-131996 Drama
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 3 R1992
Finding Nemo 3 G2003 Kids
Four Weddings and a Funeral 3 R1994 Drama, Romance
French Kiss 3 PG-131995 Romance
Full Monty, The 3 R1997
Galaxy Quest 3 PG1999 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ghostbusters 3 PG1984 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Go 3 R1999 Suspense
Graduate, The 3 PG1967 Drama
Groundhog Day 3 PG1993 Romance
Happy Texas 3 PG-131999
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle 3 R2004
Heartbreakers 3 PG-132001
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 3 R2001 Gay/Lesbian, Music
Hercules 3 G1997 Family, Kids
Human Traffic 3 R2000
I Love Trouble 3 PG1994 Romance
Igby Goes Down 3 R2002 Drama, Romance
Jackie Brown 3 R1997 Drama, Suspense
Jakob the Liar 3 PG-131999
Jerry Maguire 3 R1996 Romance, Sports
Ladykillers, The 3 R2004 Suspense
Last Shot, The 3 R2004
Last Supper, The 3 R1996
Le Divorce 3 PG-132003 Drama
Legally Blonde 3 PG-132001
Life Is Beautiful 3 PG-131998 Drama, Foreign
Little Shop Of Horrors 3 NR1960 Horror
Little Shop Of Horrors 3 PG-131986 Horror
Living Out Loud 3 R1998 Drama, Romance
Love Actually 3 R2003
Man Who Wasn't There, The 3 R2001 Drama, Suspense
Matchstick Men 3 PG-132003 Drama
Matilda 3 PG1996 Family, Kids
Meet the Parents 3 PG-132000
Men in Black 3 PG-131997
Mighty Wind, A 3 PG-132003 Documentary
Miracles 3 PG-131989 Martial Arts
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 3 PG1995 Cult
Monty Python's the Meaning of Life 3 R1983 Cult
Much Ado About Nothing 3 PG-131993 Romance
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 PG2002 Romance
Nicholas Nickleby 3 PG2002 Drama, Romance
Opposite of Sex, The 3 R1998 Gay/Lesbian
Orgazmo 3 NC-171998
Original Kings of Comedy, The 3 R2000 Documentary
Pecker 3 R1998
Picture Perfect 3 PG-131997 Romance
Pieces Of April 3 PG-132003 Drama
Pleasantville 3 PG-131998 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Princess Caraboo 3 PG1994 Drama, Romance
Producers, The 3 NR1968 Classic, Cult
Psycho Bach Party 3 PG-132000
Punch-Drunk Love 3 R2002 Romance
Radio 3 PG2003 Drama
Roger Dodger 3 R2002 Drama
Saved! 3 PG-132004 Drama
Sense and Sensibility 3 PG1995 Drama, Romance
Serendipity 3 PG-132001 Romance
Sex, Lies, and Videotape 3 R1989 Drama
Sexy Beast 3 R2001 Drama, Suspense
Shanghai Knights 3 PG-132003 Martial-Arts, Western
Shanghai Noon 3 PG-132000 Martial Arts
Sideways 3 R2004 Drama
Simone 3 PG-132002 Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama
Simple Twist of Fate, A 3 PG-131994 Drama
Sirens 3 R1994 Drama
Slap Her, She's French 3 PG-132002
Small Time Crooks 3 PG2000
Smoke 3 R1995 Drama, Independent
Some Like It Hot 3 NR1959 Music
Someone Like You 3 PG-132001 Romance
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut 3 R1999
Spanking the Monkey 3 NR1995 Cult, Drama
Steal This Movie! 3 R2000 Drama
Suicide Kings 3 R1998 Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Tailor of Panama, The 3 R2001 Drama, Suspense
Terminal, The 3 PG-132004 Drama, Romance
Tin Cup 3 R1996 Drama, Romance
Tootsie 3 PG1982 Romance
Tortilla Soup 3 R2001 Drama
Trainspotting 3 R1996 Drama, Cult
Truman Show, The 3 PG1998 Drama
Wag the Dog 3 R1997 Drama
Waiting for Guffman 3 R1996 Music
Waking Ned Devine 3 PG1998
Wedding Planner, The 3 PG-132001 Romance
Welcome To Collinwood 3 R2002
What Women Want 3 PG-132000
Wonder Boys 3 R2000 Drama
You've Got Mail 3 PG1998 Romance
Young Frankenstein 3 PG1975 Horror
Zero Effect 3 R1998 Mystery, Romance
Zoolander 3 PG-132001

10 Things I Hate About You PG-131999
20 Dates NR1999 Documentary
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The PG2000 Kids
Alex and Emma PG-132003 Romance
Alfie R2004 Romance
Along Came Polly PG-132004 Romance
American Psycho R2000 Horror
American SPlendor R2003 Cult
American Virgin R2000 Erotica
American Wedding R2003
Amy's Orgasm NR2002 Romance
Analyze That R2002
Anything Else R2003
Around The World In 80 Days PG2004
Austin Powers In Goldmember PG-132002
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me PG-131999
Back To The Future Part II PG1989 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Bandits PG-132001 Suspense
Banger Sisters, The R2002
Barbershop 2: Back In Action PG-132004
Barcelona PG-131994 Drama, Romance, Independent
Bedazzled PG-132000
Better Than Chocolate NR1999 Romance, Gay/Lesbian
Billy Elliot R2000 Drama
Birthday Girl R2002 Romance
Blast from the Past PG-131999 Romance
Blazing Saddles R1974
Blue in the Face R1995 Drama
Breakfast Club R1985 Drama
Bringing Down The House PG-132003 Romance
Buddy PG1997
Bullets Over Broadway R1994
Bulworth R1998
Camp PG-132003 Music
Casa De Los Babys R2003 Drama
Cats & Dogs PG2001 Kids
Cecil B. Demented R2000 Cult
Celebrity R1998
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle PG-132003
Clerks R1994 Independent
Comedian R2002 Documentary
Cookie's Fortune PG-131999 Drama
Curse of the Jade Scorpion PG-132001 Suspense
Deconstructing Harry R1997 Romance
Denise Calls Up PG-131996 Romance
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo R1999
Dirty Shame, A NC-172004
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story PG-132004
Dogma R1999 Religion
Don Juan DeMarco PG-131995 Romance
Dr. T and the Women R2000 Drama
Drop Dead Gorgeous PG-131999
EDtv PG-131999 Romance
Eight Legged Freaks PG-132002 Horror
Family Man, The PG-132000
Fighting Temptations, The PG-132003 Music
First Wives Club PG1996
Flirting With Disaster R1996 Drama
Forces of Nature PG-131999 Romance
Forget Paris PG-131995 Romance
Get Shorty R1995 Suspense
Good Boy! PG2003 Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Good Burger PG1997 Kids
Gosford Park R2002 Drama, Suspense
Grumpy Old Men PG-131993
Guy Thing, A PG-132003 Romance
Head of State PG-132003
Heavy Metal R1981 Cult, Music
High Fidelity R2000 Romance
Homeward Bound II G1996 Family, Kids
How the Grinch Stole Christmas PG2000 Kids, Christmas
How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days PG-132003 Romance
Human Nature R2002
I Heart Huckabees R2004
I'll Do Anything PG-131994 Drama, Romance
Ice Age PG2002 Kids
In & Out PG-131997 Drama
Jersey Girl PG-132004 Drama, Romance
Josie and the Pussycats PG-132001 Music
Kate and Leopold PG-132001 Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Keeping the Faith PG-132000 Romance
Kid, The PG2000
Kissing Jessica Stein R2001 Gay/Lesbian, Romance
Lawless Heart, The R2002 Romance
Liar Liar PG1997
Life of Brian R1979 Cult
Life Or Something Like It PG-132002 Romance, Drama
Like Mike PG2002 Sports, Kids
Lizzie Mcguire Movie, The PG2003 Kids
Lost in America R1985
Love and Sex R2000 Romance
Madeline PG1998
Majestic, The PG2001
Malibu's Most Wanted PG-132003
Mallrats R1995
Man of No Importance, A R1995 Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Marci X R2003 Music
Mars Attacks! PG-131996 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Me, Myself and Irene R2000
Miami Rhapsody PG-131995 Romance
Mickey Blue Eyes PG-131999 Romance
Midsummer Night's Dream, A PG-131999 Romance
Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy PG1982 Romance
Mighty Aphrodite R1995 Drama, Romance
Miss Congeniality PG-132000
Mrs. Doubtfire PG-131993
Multiplicity PG-131996 Drama
Mumford R1999
Muriel's Wedding R1995 Drama, Foreign
Muse, The PG-131999 Drama
My Best Friend's Wedding PG-131997 Romance, Drama
My Fair Lady G1964 Music, Romance
My Favorite Year PG1982
My First Mister R2001 Drama
My Wife Is An Actress R2002 Drama, Foreign
Mystery, Alaska R1999
Napoleon Dynamite PG2004
Never Been Kissed PG-131999 Romance
Newton Boys PG-131998 Drama, Western
Not Another Teen Movie R2001
Notorious C.H.O NR2002 Gay/Lesbian
O Brother, Where Art Thou? PG-132000
Object of My Affection R1998 Gay/Lesbian, Romance
Ocean's Eleven PG-132001 Suspense
Office Space R1999
Orange County R2002
Other Sister, The PG-131999 Drama
Outside Providence R1999 Drama
Prince & Me, The PG2004 Romance
Princess Diaries, The G2001
Private Parts R1997
Pumpkin R2002 Drama, Romance
Pushing Tin R1999
Raising Helen PG-132004 Romance
Rat Race PG-132001
Rock Star R2001 Drama, Music
Runaway Bride PG1999
Rush Hour 2 PG-132001
Sabrina NR1954 Romance
Sabrina PG1995 Drama
Santa Clause 2, The G2002 Kids, Christmas
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed PG2004 Family, Kids
Secondhand Lions PG2003 Drama, Family
Serial Mom R1994 Cult, Horror
She's the One R1996 Romance
Snatch R2001 Crime, Suspense
Something's Gotta Give PG-132003 Romance
SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, The PG2004 Family
Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams PG2002
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over PG2003 Kids
Starsky and Hutch PG-132004
Storytelling R2001 Drama
Stuart Little II PG2002 Kids
Stuart Little PG1999
Stuck On You PG-132003
Sweet Home Alabama PG-132002 Romance
Team America: World Police R2004
Teknolust NR2002
There's Something about Mary R1998 Romance
To Die For R1995 Drama
Truth About Cats & Dogs, The PG-131996 Romance
Tuxedo, The PG-132002 Martial-Arts
Under The Tuscan Sun PG-132003 Drama, Romance
Undercover Brother PG-132002
Very Bad Things R1998
What A Girl Wants G2003
What Planet are You From? R2000
What's Cooking? PG-132000 Drama
While You Were Sleeping PG1995 Romance
Widows' Peak PG1994 Drama
Wild Things R1998 Drama, Noir, Suspense
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! PG-132004 Romance

200 Cigarettes 2 R1999 Drama
40 Days and 40 Nights 2 R2002 Romance
50 First Dates 2 PG-132004 Romance
After The Sunset 2 PG-132004 Romance
America's Sweethearts 2 PG-132001 Romance
Anchorman 2 R2004
Anger Management 2 PG-132003
Autumn in New York 2 PG-132000 Romance
Babyfever 2 R1994 Drama
Bad Company 2 PG-132002 Suspense
Barbershop 2 PG-132002
Bean 2 PG1997
Beautiful Girls 2 R1996 Drama, Romance
Beethoven's 2nd 2 PG1993 Kids, Family
Beethoven's 4th 2 G2001 Kids
Big Fat Liar 2 PG2002 Kids
Birdcage, The 2 R1996 Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Black Knight 2 PG-132001 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason 2 R2004 Romance
Bring It On 2 PG-132000
Brothers, The 2 R2001 Drama
Bruce Almighty 2 PG-132003
Butcher Boy, The 2 R1998 Drama, Horror
Casino Royale 2 NR1967
Casper 2 PG1995
Cat In The Hat, The 2 PG2003 Kids, Family
Cheaper By The Dozen 2 PG2003 Family
Chuck and Buck 2 R2000 Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Cinderella Story, A 2 PG2004 Romance
Clockstoppers 2 PG2002
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind 2 R2003 Drama, Suspense
Crazy in Alabama 2 PG-131999 Drama
Crew, The 2 PG-132000
Critical Care 2 R1997
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angelos 2 PG2001
Crossroads 2 PG-132002 Music
Crush 2 R2002 Drama, Romance
Daddy Day Care 2 PG2003
Death To Smoochy 2 R2002
Deliver Us From Eva 2 R2003 Romance
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star 2 PG-132003
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 2 PG-132002 Drama
Down to Earth 2 PG-132001 Romance
Dr. Dolittle 2 2 PG2001 Kids
Drumline 2 PG-132002 Drama, Music
Duets 2 R2000 Drama, Music, Romance
Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, The 2 PG1995 Drama, Romance
Evolution 2 PG-132001 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 2 R1998 Drama
Fish Called Wanda 2 R1988 Suspense
Get Over It 2 PG-132001 Romance
Grosse Pointe Blank 2 R1997
Guru, The 2 R2003
Hardball 2 R2001
Haunted Mansion, The 2 PG2003 Horror, Family
Head Over Heels 2 PG-132001 Romance
Hollywood Ending 2 PG-132002
Holy Man 2 PG1998
Home Fries 2 PG-131998 Romance, Suspense
Hope Floats 2 PG-131998 Drama, Romance
Hot Chick, The 2 PG-132002
How To Deal 2 PG-132003 Romance
I Shot Andy Warhol 2 R1996 Drama, Gay/Lesbian
I-Spy 2 PG-132002
Importance Of Being Earnest, The 2 PG2002
Intolerable Cruelty 2 PG-132003 Romance
It Could Happen to You 2 PG1994 Romance
Jawbreaker 2 R1999
Johnny English 2 PG2003
Just Married 2 PG-132003 Romance
Just Visiting 2 PG-132001
Kangaroo Jack 2 PG2003
Kicking and Screaming 2 R1995 Drama
Ladies Man, The 2 R2000
Lake Placid 2 R1999
Laws of Attraction 2 PG-132004 Romance
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde 2 PG-132003
Legend of Drunken Master 2 R2000 Foreign, Martial Arts
Lethal Weapon 4 2 R1998
Life 2 R1999 Drama
Little Nicky 2 PG-132000
Little Women 2 PG1994 Drama, Family, Kids
Loser 2 PG-132000 Romance
Man on the Moon 2 R1999 Drama
Man Without a Past, The 2 PG-132003 Foreign, Finish
Martin Lawrence Live: RunTelDat 2 R2002
Mask, The 2 PG-131994 Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Masquerade 2 R1998 Romance, Suspense
Medallion, The 2 PG-132003
Men In Black II 2 PG-132002 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Milk Money 2 PG-131994 Romance
Mona Lisa Smile 2 PG-132003 Drama
Mostly Martha 2 PG2002 Romance, Foreign
Mouse Hunt 2 PG1997 Family, Kids
Mr. Deeds 2 PG-132002
My Boss's Daughter 2 PG-132003 Romance
My Cousing Vinny 2 R1992
Mystery Men 2 PG-131999 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
New York Minute 2 PG2004
Nine Months 2 PG-131995 Drama, Romance
Novocaine 2 R2001 Suspense
Nutty Professor, The 2 PG-131996 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Old School 2 R2003
One Night at McCool's 2 R2001
Out to Sea 2 PG-131997 Romance
Out-of-Towners, The 2 PG-131999
Pallbearer, The 2 PG-131996 Romance
Patch Adams 2 PG-131998 Drama
Practical Magic 2 PG-131998 Romance
Radioland Murders 2 PG1994 Mystery, Suspense
Ravenous 2 R1999 Horror, Suspense
Ref, The 2 R1994
Renaissance Man 2 PG-131994
Replacements, The 2 PG-132000 Sports
Return to Me 2 PG2000 Romance
Road To Wellville, The 2 R1994
Road Trip 2 R2000
Rockula 2 PG-131990 Music, Cult
Romancing The Stone 2 PG1984 Romance
Rugrats Go Wild 2 PG2003
Rundown, The 2 R2003
Say It Isn't So 2 R2001 Romance
Scary Movie 2 R2000 Horror
See Spot Run 2 PG2001
Sgt. Bilko 2 PG1996
Shallow Hal 2 PG-132001
Shaun Of The Dead 2 R2004
Shooting Fish 2 PG1998 Romance, Suspense
Sidewalks of New York 2 R2001 Romance
Simply Irresistible 2 PG-131999 Romance
Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice 2 R2002
Sleepover 2 PG2004 Kids, Family
Small Soldiers 2 PG-131998
Sorority Boys 2 R2002
Spun 2 R2003 Drama
Stepford Wives, The 2 PG-132004 Suspense
Story of Us 2 R1999 Drama
Summer Catch 2 PG-132001 Romance
Surviving Christmas 2 PG-132004 Romance
Sweetest Thing, The 2 R2002
Teachers Pet 2 PG2004 Kids
Tomcats 2 R2001
Torch Song Trilogy 2 R1988 Drama, Gay/Lesbian, Romance
Town and Country 2 R2001
Trixie 2 R2000 Suspense
Truth About Charlie, The 2 PG-132002 Romance, Suspense
Two Weeks Notice 2 PG-132002 Romance
Varsity Blues 2 R1999 Drama, Sports
View From The Top 2 PG-132003
Waking Life 2 R2001
Walking Tall 2 PG-132004 Drama
Wedding Singer, The 2 PG-131998 Romance
Welcome To Mooseport 2 PG-132004
White Chicks 2 PG-132004
Who Is Cletis Tout? 2 R2002
Wild Wild West 2 PG-131999
Without A Paddle 2 PG-132004
Woman On Top 2 R2000 Romance

Ace Ventura Pet Detective PG-131994
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights PG-132002 Music
All About the Benjamins R2002
American Outlaws PG-132001 Western
Animal, The PG-132001
Baby Geniuses PG1999 Family, Kids, Christmas
Bad Boys II R2003
Bamboozled R2000
Beethoven PG1992 Kids, Family
Big Momma's House PG-132000
Blow Dry R2001 Drama
Boys and Girls PG-132000
Bubble Boy PG-132001 Romance
Chasing Liberty PG-132004 Romance
Chasing Papi PG2003
Christmas With The Kranks PG2004
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold PG-131994 Western
Country Bears, The G2002 Kids, Music
Dead Man on Campus R1998
Detroit Rock City R1999 Cult
Dr. Dolittle PG-131998 Family
Drowning Mona PG-132000
Dude, Where's My Car PG-132000
Envy PG-132004
Fierce Creatures PG-131997
First Kid PG1996 Family, Kids
Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, The PG2000
Forrest Gump PG-131994 Drama
Four Rooms R1995 Drama, Horror
Full Frontal R2002 Drama
Garfield: The Movie PG2004
Gigli R2003 Drama
Goofy Movie, A G1995 Family, Kids
Home for the Holidays PG-131995
House on Haunted Hill R1999 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
I'll Be Home for Christmas PG1998 Kids, Christmas
Idle Hands R1999
In-Laws, The PG-132003
Italian For Beginners R2002 Romance, Foreign
Joe Dirt PG-132001
Joe Somebody PG2001 Drama, Romance
Johnson Family Vacation PG-132004
Just A Kiss R2002 Romance
Juwanna Mann PG-132002 Sports
Last Summer In the Hamptons R1996 Drama
Little Black Book PG-132004 Romance
Little Vampire PG2000 Kids
Love Don't Cost A Thing PG-132003 Romance
Love Letter PG-131999 Romance
Maverick PG1994 Western
Max Keeble's Big Move PG2001 Kids
Monkeybone PG-132001
Moonlight and Valentino R1995 Drama, Romance
Mr. 3000 PG-132004 Sports
My Baby's Daddy PG-132004
My Giant PG1998
National Lampoon's Van Wilder R2002
Nina Takes a Lover R1995 Romance
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps PG-132000
Osmosis Jones PG-132001
Out Cold PG-132001 Sports
Paulie PG1998 Family, Kids
Perfect Score, The PG-132004
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement G2004 Family, Kids
Richie Rich PG1994 Kids, Family
Royal Tenenbaums, The R2001
Rush Hour PG-131998 Martial Arts
Saving Silverman PG-132001
Scary Movie 2 R2001 Horror
Scary Movie 3 PG-132003 Horror
Seed Of Chucky R2004
Serving Sara PG-132002 Romance
Showtime PG-132002
Snow Dogs PG2002 Drama, Kids
Spice World PG1998 Music
Sugar & Spice PG-132001
Sunset Park R1996 Drama
Superstar PG-131999
Taxi PG-132004 Action
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead R1995 Suspense, Noir
Threesome R1994 Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Two Girls and a Guy R1998 Drama
Uptown Girls PG-132003
Waterboy, The PG-131998
What's the Worst That Could Happen? PG-132001

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London 1 PG2004
Bait 1 R2000 Action
Beautiful 1 PG-132000
Beverly Hills Cop III 1 R1994
Big Bounce, The 1 PG-132004 Suspense, Thriller
Big Trouble 1 PG-132002
Boat Trip 1 R2003 Gay/Lesbian
Body Shots 1 R1999
Bottle Rocket 1 R1996 Suspense
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1 PG-131992 Horror
Catch That Kid 1 PG2004 Kids
Corky Romano 1 PG-132001
Coyote Ugly 1 PG-132000 Drama
Double Take 1 PG-132001
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd 1 PG-132003
Empire Records 1 PG-131995 Drama
Erotique 1 NC-171995 Drama, Erotica, Gay/Lesbian, Romance
Feds 1 PG-131988
Feeling Minnesota 1 R1996 Drama, Romance
First Daughter 1 PG2004 Romance
Flintstones, The 1 PG1994
Freddy Got Fingered 1 R2001
Friday After Next 1 R2002
From Justin To Kelly 1 PG2003 Music
George of the Jungle 1 PG1997 Family, Kids
Good Man In Africa, A 1 R1994 Drama
Great White Hype, The 1 R1996
Grind 1 PG-132003 Sports
Groove 1 R2000 Drama, Music
Hanging Up 1 PG-132000
How High 1 R2001
Jackass: The Movie 1 R2002
Junior 1 PG-131994
Kissing a Fool 1 R1998
Kung Pow! Enter the Fist 1 PG-132002
Life Less Ordinary, A 1 R1997 Drama, Romance
Maybe Baby 1 R2001 Romance
Mrs. Winterbourne 1 PG-131996
National Security 1 PG-132003
New Guy, The 1 PG-132002
Night at the Roxbury, A 1 PG-131998
Operation Dumbo Drop 1 PG1995
Play it to the Bone 1 R2000 Sports
Polish Wedding 1 PG-131998 Drama, Romance
Pootie Tang 1 PG-132001
Ready to Rumble 1 PG-132000 Sports
Ringmaster 1 R1998
Scooby-Doo 1 PG2002 Suspense
Search and Destroy 1 R1995
Slackers 1 R2002
Soul Plane 1 R2004
Speechless 1 PG-131994 Romance
Stealing Harvard 1 PG-132002
Stripes 1 R1981
Super Troopers 1 R2002
Two If By Sea 1 R1996 Romance, Suspense
Wayne's World 2 1 PG-131993
Whipped 1 R2000
Whole Ten Yards, The 1 PG-132004
You Got Served 1 PG-132004 Music

Adventures Of Pluto Nash, The ½ PG-132002 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Amateur ½ R1995 Drama, Suspense
Canadian Bacon ½ PG1995
Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course ½ PG2002
Gumby: The Movie ½ G1995 Kids
Love Potion No. 9 ½ PG-131992
Master Of Disguise, The ½ PG2002 Kids
Mixed Nuts ½ PG-131994
Mr. Magoo ½ PG1997 Family, Kids
Naked In New York ½ R1994 Drama, Romance
Something To Talk About ½ R1995 Romance, Drama
Undercover Blues ½ PG-131993
What's Eating Gilbert Grape ½ PG-131993 Drama, Romance

Let's Talk About Sex 0 R1998 Documentary, Drama, Erotica
Magic In the Water 0 PG1995 Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Meet the Deedles 0 PG1998
My Favorite Martian 0 PG1999 Family, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Screwed 0 PG-132000

Pink Panther, The --- NR1964

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