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X-Files The Movie Soundtrack

music reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: X-Files The Movie Soundtrack

Artist: Various
Genre: Soundtrack
Release Date: June 1998

Review by Ken
2½ stars out of 4

This soundtrack is something like the movie itself- it's effectively thrilling in places, but it also has its not-so enticing moments. The good: Filter's relentlessly surging 'One' - without a doubt the hardest track on the album- Foo Fighter's tunefully sad 'Walking After You' and Sarah McLachlan's wonderfully creepy 'Black'. The so-so: Tonic's mild-rocking 'Flower Man', The Cure's almost-disappointing 'More Than This' and Sting & Aswad's lame 'Invisible Sun'. The Dust Brothers also provide a more amped-up version of the X Files theme song, but even this is only mildly interesting. If you really want a musical selection that appropriately captures the bleakly mysterious feel of the X Files saga, go score up the excellent SONGS IN THE KEY OF X compilation from awhile back. The Danzig track alone on that record could reduce all the songs here to a crying shame.



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