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Song I Wrote Or Wish I Did

  out of 4 Music Review: Song I Wrote Or Wish I Did

Artist: Judi Silvano
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: June 2000

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
No rating supplied

Judi Silvano lets her heart and soul come pouring out on her CD "Songs I Wrote Or Wish I Did." This woman really knows how to manipulate a song to fit her voice and style. She is fortunate to have a well-versed band to support her colorful and poignant vocals. Its lead singing like Silvanoís that make a jazz song sound like it should. With highly energized emotionally charged music to back her every step of the way, she makes it seem so effortless and natural. She sings every song like itís her birthright.

She covers "A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing" like it was written specifically for her, and on the other side of the tracks sings "Hey Boy", whereby she becomes the flirtatious diva with a message. "I Love Music" tells her story. She interjects her vivacious personality into every song. And it all comes right from the tip of her toes. You find out how much she loves music very quickly from the way she handles herself throughout each and every song.

Itís easy to see that Judi Silvano is in this game for the long haul. She takes her art seriously, and it shows throughout this whole album. I found the music to be excellent from start to finish, and that is what compliments Silvano so well. At times the band is allowed to spread its proverbial musical wings and strut its stuff, as the singer gives them some room to do what they do best. Ultimately she is rewarded by her open-ended approach to the music and the power the lyrics hold. I recognized the groupís talent and abilities collectively quite readily when I was able to listen to the entire band without separating the vocals. Itís a fascinating and rewarding experience when you can focus on the singer, the music, and then both.

This girl swings, and she looks every bit the part of the fulfilled singer on the cover of this CD. Now you tell meÖ is she having a good time living to the fullest and experiencing all the joys of life and her music or not?

1. Sad & Blue
2. When Love Was You & Me
3. Make It Classic
4. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
5. Without Rhyme Or Reason
6. I Love Music
7. Listen To This
8. If Iím Lucky
9. Hey Boy
10. Climbiní The Peak
11. Something Tells Me
12. Youíre My One



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