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Room To Breathe

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Room To Breathe

Artist: Delbert McClinton
Genre: Blues
Release Date: September 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

You just have not heard how good a blues record can be until you have listened to Mr. Delbert McClinton belt out a song. If you thought his last album was great, well, this one is even better. I find that hard to comprehend, as I believed he could not have outdone himself after the standout 2001 release "Nothing Personal." Unbelievably he has with "Room To Breath." This guy is aging like fine wine, he gets better ever year.

The lyrics, as usual, are well placed and heartfelt and always filled with humor, honesty, and irony. "Same Kind of Crazy" has some great lines like- "Did you ever meet someone that likes all the same things you do, someone that can make you or break you anytime they want to." God I loved that phrase, it just cut straight to my heart. In "Jungle Room", he sings about a place to unwind, but beware as they serve "Ice cold beer and homemade shine, pace yourself so you don't go blind." That is so Delbert now isn't it? Moreover, the country boy sings about the great outdoors and the fact that he has gotta have some of that "New York City." Then there are three kinds of blues for Delbert, "Lone Star Blues," straight from the heart of Texas, and then there is the "Everything I Know About The Blues" is because of you, and finally "The Blues About You Baby," is a realization that she's not coming back. The blues comes in every form imaginable, and its all about our lives and emotions. There are not a lot of singers that can get the words of the blues across as McClinton can.

Blues, rock, honky-tonk, and country…you get it all in equal doses on this wonderful CD. I certainly could not get enough, I listened to it four times before I finally sat my ass down to put it all into words. I do not think it matters what genre of music you may prefer, this recording has something of everything for everyone. Grab a slice of Americana and music that is good for the soul, buy Delbert McClinton's new album now.

1. Same Kind of Crazy-3:47
2. Smooth Talk-3:49
3. Jungle Room-3:41
4. Everything I Know About The Blues-3:33
5. Blues About You Baby-2:58
6. Lone Star Blues-3:57
7. The Rub-3:08
8. Won't Be Me-3:58
9. Don't Want To Love You-3:00
10. Ain't Lost Nothin'-2:44
11. Money Honey-3:35
12. New York City-3:35


Delbert McClinton-Vocals, harmonica, guitar
Todd Sharp-Guitar
Bill Campbell-Guitar
Kevin McKendree-B3 Wurlitzer
George Hawkins-Bass
Lynn Williams-Drums



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