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Richard D. James Album

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Richard D. James Album

Artist: Aphex Twin
Genre: Rock/Pop, Techno/Electronica
Release Date: January 1997

Review by Isoproponal
4 stars out of 4

This release from the unspeakably influential electronica overlord Aphex Twin is one of his most complete and accessible works. Here we get a typically inspired fusion of orchestral textures and hyperdrive, frenetic drum beats, along with distorted choirs, sampled children, and shortwave radio transmissions.  That sounds contrived, doesn't it? sounds like baloney but this really does gel. This schizoid concoction really goes to work on your mind. You might know "To cure a weakling child" from that Orange ad that ran ages and ages ago. "Fingerbib"  is a happy little Kraftwerk-style tune which slowly begins  to unravel until it actually becomes scary. "4" combines hyper-complex drum'n'bass with a lush piece for strings. "Goon Gumpos" is a festive Christmastime techno romp, sleigh-bells and all. And, for the hardcore Aphex Twin fans, there's the latest instalment in the "Calx" saga, "Yellow Calx" which is absolutely gorgeous, no other word for it.

A lot of this album, especially "To Cure A Weakling Child" and "Goon Gumpos", is really evocative of the English countryside: the claustrophobic density of much modern electronica is missing wholly here, resulting in music  which dwells in a rich and elevated space of it's own.  There's a really enticing blend here, of fast and furious cutting-edge avant-garde music, and a touching melodicism with genuine emotional impact. Rather than dominate the listener with "Ooh, aren't I clever?" programming, there's a real spirit of fun and adventure in the music on this record.

If you liked the music on that Pirelli ad from about four years ago (the black runner with tyres for feet), you'll love this record (Aphex did that too!). If you like laid-back ambience a la Fila Brazilia or the Orb, you'll like this record (particularly the good humour). If you like the Super Furry Animals, you'll definitely like this record. Aphex Twin has always had a fresh take on techno, ambient, drum'n'bass, whatever, imbuing his records with a sense of playful experimentation, weird and warped humour, and the occasional heartbreaking melody. This album is retty close to being an all-the-way-thru, play-it-once-then-play-it-again classic. In this genre, that's pretty rare, and gives you an idea of how special this record is. Even if you're a newbie to electronica or not a fan, the combination of weird humour and out-and-out bravado on display on this concise little gem (about 35 minutes) is instantly appealing. I loved it, in case you haven't guessed. It really messes with your perception! If you dig the extremes, be it absolute 'ardkore drum'n'bass, or the most blissed out lush ambience, or really bizarre experimental stuff, you're really going to have a ball with this album. But you don't have to be a headcase to love this music.



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