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Pack Up the Cats

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Pack Up the Cats

Artist: Local H
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: September 1998

Review by FenderMan
4 stars out of 4

Local H is, more than likely, one of the most underrated rock acts out there. Its a two man team, but those two pound out enough sound for four or five guys. This album is their best to date, and one of the best rock albums out there. If Soundgarden, Mudhoney, or Nirvana suits your fancy, this is the ticket. The music is original, but grunge lives on, according to Local H. The album is meant to flow, from track 1 through 15, and is unusually successful in that effort. The first track is "All Right(Oh Yeah)," where the lead singer, Scott Lucas, yells "it's only me, it's only stupid me." This sentiment characterizes the record, but they only bash themselves to a point, in most cases. Next is Cha! Said the kitty, a good song with that fuzzed out guitar sound that permeates Pack Up the Cats. Fine and Good, the seventh cut, is a truly great rock song. Lucas, as the title suggests, sings about how well he is doing and feeling, and asks the listener if that's "too much to ask." One of the strengths of this album is the movement from a good mood to a bad one, from understanding to despair. The highlight of the album is after the end of the first single "All the Kids are Right." The guitar fades off, and Lucas yells "NEXT!" Then, they start banging out Deep Cut, a super-grunge assault. He screams "What do you do when opinions are everywhere/what do you do when its noting you want to hear," and so forth. The melodic Lucky Time rounds at the effort. This album is not trendsetting, but it rocks-and THAT is what counts.



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