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music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4

Artist: Owsley
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: March 1999

Review by MusicBox
4 stars out of 4

Will Owsley is the new Prince of Power Pop. His debut album "Owsley" has become a staple in the genre. It's impossible to ignore the driving rythms and infectious lyrics of this magnificent singer/songwriter. Through the eleven songs on this album, Owsley covers distantly ranging subjects- from one hit wonders to heartache. Songs such as "Coming Up Roses" show Owsley's more sensitive side with lyrics like "it's not the weather that keeps us together, it's the warmth of my hand that you hold," it's hard not to notice what a talented songwriter Will Owsley has proven himself to be.

The influence from Owsley's former band The Semantics emerges on almost every song. Although it's hard to find any music by The Semantics these days, Owsley has carried on the awesome music tradition with his new album. If you like Fountains of Wayne or Jellyfish, you are sure to love Owsley's music. Even if you are a new fan to the power pop genre, Owsley's debut album is a no miss.

Reader Feedback

The reviews is right on the mark and I look forward to Owsleys next cd.    --SDS



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