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music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Otherworld

Artist: Lunasa
Genre: Celtic
Release Date: October 1999

Review by Adrianl
4 stars out of 4

Never in my life have I heard an irish traditional music album with such depth and flowing talent, as I have heard with Lunasa's latest album, entitled "Otherworld". This record delves into the mystery and beauty of the sounds of Ireland, Past and present, from 18th century slow airs to the exciting new sounds in todays irish traditional music scene. With 5 members altogether, all from different backgrounds, the ideas are endless on this album. with instuments such as flutes, fiddles, uillean pipes, classical guitars, bass guitars and keyboards, the different genres of music they mix into old classical irish ballads, works like a dream.

Even from first glancing at the album cover, the imagination and hard work they had put into it, it is obviously clear. Compared to their live in concert album, aptly entitled Lunasa, It shows how much they have developed as a band, over the past 8 years, gone are the days when they played each track at the same lunatic pace, showing off at how fast they could play a tune. Now more mature, this album (released in 1999), shows all sorts of emotions and moods throughout the record. One tune that really sticks out in my head after I listened to the track for the first time, is "January Snow", a slow air. This track starts off with a simple opener on the concert flute, and as it progresses, it turns into a classically influenced/ Irish traditional ballad that flows fluently all the way through. Another tune is "Heaton Chapel" . A war march that uses fiddles, uileann pipes, keyboards and flutes. A tune that kicks ass all the way through to the end.

With no lyrics, I would advise anyone who is remotly intrestId in Irish traditional music, to buy this record. All in all I think that this record is an absoloute classic, and can only improve the standards of irish music at home and abroad, Irish voice, a magazine, called this the best irish album ever, and I must admit, I have to agree.



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