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  out of 4 Music Review: Nomad

Artist: Aqua Velvets
Genre: Rock
Release Date: July 1996

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Michael Linder (bass, accordion, keyboards), Miles Corbin (electric & acoustic guitar, trash can bongo), Don Spindt (drums), and Hank Maninger (rhythm guitar) are The Aqua Velvets. This is their third release, "Nomad." The title track starts things off on the right foot, with a trademark shimmering dessert journey through the land of instrumental music with influences of surf, spy, middle-eastern, spaghetti-western, and rock. As a matter of course, it's made complete with twang and reverb. "Holly Tiki" clocks in just over two minutes. In that short time span the group rips through a successive progression of guitar chords, giving you the typically compact high-energy instro song. "Summer At Dreampoint" really says what this group is all about without uttering a word. It's a picturesque adventure, taking you on a summertime ride through the scenery of your choice. It's a real classic.

The impact that music like this has is prevailing. It will leave an imprint on your consciousness. Instrumental music is for those that enjoy having their intellect stimulated. This music will shake out those cobwebs and restart your gray matter in no time.

Hailing from the Bay Area gives the group the advantage of dipping into a diverse musical melting pot. It never hurts to have a wide range of resources to help along the creative process and initiate ideas. They do a dynamite job in utilizing every musical genre to shape and mold a music that becomes all their own. It's pure instrumental bliss.

1. Nomad
2. Surf Nouveau
3. Smoking Panatelas On The Blue Mediterranean Sea
4. Holly Tiki
5. Snorkel Mask Replica
6. Return To Paia
7. Ho'okipa
8. In A Spanish Mood
9. Nervous On Neptune
10. Summer At Dreampoint
11. Shakahoochie
12. Shrunken Head



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