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New World Relampagos

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: New World Relampagos

Artist: New World Relampagos
Genre: Instrumental
Release Date: December 2000

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

Spain gave the world a great instrumental band during the golden age of surf; unfortunately they remained in relative obscurity. The "New World Relampagos," also know as "Los Relampagos" (translation- lightning bolts), were the original Spanish instrumental legends of the 60's. The U.K. had "The Shadows" and the U.S. gave Japan "The Ventures." A new found appreciation of their work spurred on by interest of the present surf community coerced them back into performing again. Pablo Herrero and Jose Luis Armenteros, the two founders of the group, head up an all-star cast including members of Agent Orange, Slacktone, Dick Dale Band, and the Space Cossacks.

This legendary group has a lengthy discography encompassing over 30 years of music. From 1962 through 1990, they recorded 13 EP's, 22 singles, and 9 LP's on Philips, RCA, Polydor, Novola, and Zafiro, though none were released in the United States. They did however receive airplay in France and Latin America. Their location coupled with their style of music is probably what kept the group from reaching the status of their contemporaries. It's a heart warming thing to see how the third wave of surf-instro bands have embraced and recognized their past by giving them their just due by creating a tribute album and inviting the creators of the music to partake. Well, it's better late than never as they say.

Here are 17 prime tracks of Latin infused surf-instro-rock the will light up your spirits and put a smile on your face. I have always found this kind of music warm and inviting, just like a sunny beach and the salty ocean air. It's atmospheric and enchanting with the Latino influences injected throughout each song. That's what makes surf-instro so enjoyable for me, the simplicity of the music allows it to bend and mold itself around any kind of ethnic underpinning. That is the key to successful instrumental music, to keep it simple yet broad and diverse enough to cross over into other genres. The "Los Relampagos" were masters of doing this, and the proof is on this CD. I love this music so much that I want you to have a chance to listen to it for yourself to see why, so check out these MP3 links that I have provided.

Thanks again to Dave Wood for his continued support of the Surf community with the Cowabunga Web Ring and making available this music on his site at

Selected MP3's

1. Himno A Valencia
2. Vacaciones En Espana
3. Cancion De Vagabundo De "Alma De Dios"
4. Numancia
5. Macarena
6. Cuando Cesa La Lluvia
7. El Tren De Las Tres Y Diez
8. Bailarina De Espana
9. Cancion Espanola De "El Nino Judio"
10. Rio Perdido
11. Aster Nova
12. Sevilla
13. Arenas Movedizas
14. Nocturno
15. Relampagos
16. Estepas
17. El Arlequin De Toledo



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