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Me and My Piano

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Me and My Piano

Artist: Krystal Harris
Genre: Pop
Release Date: July 2001

Review by RebeccaR
4 stars out of 4

The debut album release by Krystal is sure to turn music industry heads and create a mass fan following.

Aged 19 and hailing from Indiana, USA, this is one new artist with a difference.

This lady is bringing her funky image and amazing talent to the music scene. With the backing of one of pops biggest bands, the Backstreet Boys, she can do no wrong.

This album is a remarkable debut and all tracks are listenable. There is definitely something for everyone on here. The album features pop, rock and soul so it will appeal to the young AND lets say the 'not so young'!

Krystal co-wrote most tracks on the album and even plays the piano on every track. Highlights include the pop induced debut single 'SUPERGIRL!'. Also watch out for the rock influenced 'Lead Me' and 'You're the reason', a duet with the band behind Krystal, the Backstreet Boys. Tracks such as 'Angel on my shoulder' and 'Let me Be Your Friend' show off the maturity and strength in Krystal's voice.

Overall 'Me and My Piano' is pure pop genius and is sure to be a hit worldwide.

N.B SUPERGIRL! is here and ready to save us from the talentless pop parade of the past few years!



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