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Locked and Loaded

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Locked and Loaded

Artist: Molly Hatchet
Genre: Rock
Release Date: August 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3 stars out of 4

When I heard Molly Hatchets album Kingdom of XII in 2001 I was very disappointed. They seemed like a band that had lost their spirit and drive. The album was a real dud; there is no other way to put it. Here we are two years later and a 2 CD live set is released called Locked and Loaded, and now they sound like the old Molly Hatchet again. I feel reenergized about this band and very pleased that they have returned to form. Even though they probably have always been a kick ass band live, I do not think it is uncommon for a band that has been around as long as they have to record an album that they would like to forget.

I am here to tell ya, you will want this album if you are a Southern Rock fan and would enjoy listening to these good ole boys tear down the house. This is a smokin live set well worth your hard-earned cash. The only song that seemed out of place was Tumbling Dice, they should leave that one for Jagger and his mates to perform. Other than that, you will get all the hits and then some on this powerful live set. Phil McCormack, who sounds remarkably like longtime lead vocalist Danny Joe Brown, and Bobby Ingram, get rowdy and all pumped up as the crowd feeds off that energy throughout the entire performance, pushing the band to great heights.

I think longtime fans of the band will be most pleased with this album. For me this was the complete Molly Hatchet experience. This will leave no doubt that this band is one of the kings of boogie and southern rock. All the beer drinkers and hell raisers will be whoopin it up with this one, guaranteed! So when is the last time you flirted with disaster? Get this album and you will become inspired in no time flat, uh huh! This is great rock n roll so turn it up!

CD 1

1. O' Fortuna/The Seige of Camylarde... - 1:49
2. Whiskey Man - 3:42
3. Heart of the U.S.A. - 3:55
4. Gator Country - 7:08
5. Tatanka - 4:58
6. Down from the Mountain - 4:31
7. Beatin the Odds - 3:35
8. Mississippi Moon Dog - 3:57
9. Miss Saturday Night - 4:22
10. Edge of Sundown - 6:58
11. Dreams I'll Never See - 10:53

CD 2

1. Bounty Hunter - 3:31
2. Dead and Gone (The Redneck Song) - 3:32
3. White Lightning - 3:56
4. Fall of the Peacemakers - 5:06
5. Saddle Tramp- 9:07
6. Gypsy Trail - 4:05
7. Tumbling Dice - 3:23
8. Why Won't You Take Me Home - 3:48
9. The Journey - 7:32
10. Devil's Canyon - 6:14
11. Flirtin' With Disaster - 6:22



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