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  out of 4 Music Review: Hunter

Artist: Blondie
Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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This was to be last in a long run of Blondie albums (they reunited again in 1999 briefly). "Hunter" was a typically uninspired obligatory album for the label. There was very little energy, inspiration, and creativity left by the time they made this album. You could even hear it in Deborah Harry's voice, it seemed like they all just wanted to get the session over with and move on. That is exactly what they all did once this was done. Harry had some wind knocked out of her sails by the failure of her solo album "KooKoo." That disappointment, mood, and energy was carried over into the sessions. The group continued their downhill slide that had kicked in on the previous album "Autoamerican," which was a much better recording by far, but the attitudes were there and the doom was festering.

I have enjoyed covering this Blondie remastered collection so much that doesn't feel right not rant and rave about something. I have always had some positive to offer with every album regardless of my feelings and opinions. There wasn't a song on this album worth discussing…it was a total bomb. Once again Mike Chapman was brutally honest about what was going on in the Blondie camp at the time he was producing. He was so straightforward with his dialogue that set the mood before you even listened to the music. Perhaps that was a mistake on my behalf to read the liner notes but I always do. Blondie had a chance at some premium exposure by submitting their song 'For Your Eyes Only' for the James Bond flick of the same name and it was rejected, and rightfully so, it was dreadful. They were finished and everyone knew it, especially them.

My thoughts on what Blondie albums to add to your collection if you are a minimalist are "Blondie" and "Parallel Lines"; the rest of them can wait. If you are like me and have to complete the set then make one trip to get the first five albums and skip this one.

1. Orchid Club (Harrison/Harry) - 5:44
2. Island of Lost Souls (Harry/Stein) - 4:42
3. Dragonfly (Harry/Stein) - 6:01
4. For Your Eyes Only (Harry/Stein) - 3:07
5. The Beast (Harry/Stein) - 4:54
6. War Child (Harrison/Harry) - 4:00
7. Little Caesar (Harry/Stein) - 3:01
8. Danceway (Destri) - 3:18
9. (Can I) Find the Right Words (To Say) (Destri/Harry) - 3:07
10. English Boys (Harry/Stein) - 3:49
11. The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game (Robinson) - 3:45
12. War Child (Extended Version) (Harrison/Harry) - 7:58



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