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Human Clay

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Human Clay

Artist: Creed
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: September 1999

Review by MichaelT
4 stars out of 4

Already with a phenomenally successful debut album, Creed wasted little time writing and recording a second album. “We're the type of band that functions really well under pressure, and there was definitely a pressure to try to top ourselves this time,” says Stapp. “Not so much what we sell, because we don't really care about that. We wanted to make a really reat record. The band’s goal has always been to make records that are solid from start to finish; records that take you through an entire range of emotions.” “Human Clay” is nothing short of an emotional journey indeed. Creed’s sound, as well as songwriting, clearly progressed as the album features eleven thought-provoking tracks. From the jangling guitar intro of “Are You Ready,” to the comforting sway of “Inside Us All,” the album resembles a complete work, rather than a collection of songs. The album leads off with the same type of heavy songs that initially gained Creed’s notoriety. “What If,” “Beautiful,”! “Say I,” and “Wrong Way,” are some of the album’s more aggressive songs, which would make anyone with a pulse nod their head. On “Faceless Man” and “Never Die,” Stapp/Tremonti once again deal with themes such as spirituality. Stapp tops himself, though, on the highly personal “With Arms Wide Open,” a song about the joy of his child’s birth, as well as the uncertainty of his own responsibility. The album then hits a definite peak at the opening chords of “Higher.” The song’s catchy riffs and lyrical message make the song a quintessential Creed anthem. “Wash Away Those Years,” a song which tackles the issue of rape, and “Inside Us All,” a song which explores inner peace, conclude the album. Ultimately, the album is a triumph of songwriting. The album is thought provoking, yet never preachy.

Obviously, many listeners have had their “clay” molded by Creed’s music. “We were out on tour for a long time, and wherever we went, there were people telling me how much certain songs meant to them and how they felt so close to them,” says Stapp. “That means more to me than any other kind of attention. It’s important to feel as if you're doing something worthwhile, and in this band, I feel like I am.” Fortunately for Creed, there are legions of adoring fans who believe that Creed’s work is worthwhile.



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