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music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Heartwork

Artist: Carcass
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 1994

Review by Ken
3½ stars out of 4

Excellent death metal from a band famous for using graphic descriptions of gory operation procedures to induce a suitably disgusted response from listeners. Although this album is quite removed from their earlier efforts, it still has fantastically aggressive moments like 'Arbeit Macht Fleisch', 'Buried Dreams' and the immensely catchy 'No Love Lost'- a track which contains the first hints of the grooving rock sound that Carcass would explore more fully on their next album, the career-culminating 'SWANSONG'. Also worth mentioning is the intriguing sleeve artwork from renowned Swiss fantasy artist H.R. Giger.



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