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Follow the Leader

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Follow the Leader

Artist: Korn
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal
Release Date: August 1998

Review by Ken
3½ stars out of 4

Korn hit the mark with their 3rd studio album; which went straight to No. 1 on the charts in its first week of release. You know, the thing with this band is that you either like them or hate them. For example, some people tend to be irritated and put off by the fact that vocalist Jonathan Davis sings in a whiny voice and has a penchant for incorporating peculiar animalistic-sounding moans and groans into the band's music. Yet, the third album makes it really easy for you to like them; what with an onrush of catchy, even danceable songs such as "Got The Life", the sinister "Dead Bodies Everywhere" and the bizarre yet captivating "Freak On A Leash". Adding to the excitement are some cool appearances by Ice Cube and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst; who put in guest vocals on 2 of the album's standout tracks- "Children Of The Korn" and the profanity-laced "All In The Family". Powerful and undeniable, this is also the first Korn album where you don't hear Jonathan in tears. Still, the pain and anger that haunts him in life is reflected in almost every song on the album. Highly recommended.

Review by SarahM
4 stars out of 4

KoRn's previous CD's were big hits for the heavy metal fans 3 years before Follow the leader came out, but after knowing what the people want they came up with some cool new tunes and had some BIG hits. KoRn has a destinctive sound and is not just all heavy metal because some of their songs are done with rap too. Such as "Chilren of the KoRn" which Jon Davis (lead singer of KoRn) and Ice Cube (famous rapper) do a song. Jon Davis did a song with Fred Durst (lead singer of Limp Bizkit) on the CD called "All in the family". There is a parental advisory sticker on it because some of the songs have explicit lyrics. I personally like KoRn a lot. They are my favorite band. If you like Limp Bizkit and some of Marylin Manson's popular songs you'll love KoRn. You'll also like KoRn if you have a wide variety of what music you listen to. KoRn has a good mix of rap into some of their songs.



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