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music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Euphoria

Artist: Def Leppard
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: June 1999

Review by Stormy
3 stars out of 4

Remember Def Leppard's break-through album "Pyromania" with the target on the album cover? A prophesy maybe because the British rockers have been "targeted" by members of the music media. That's the curse sometimes of phenomenal fame such as the type this band tasted with their mega-hit machine follow-up "Hysteria". Then there was the accident, the tragedy and still another huge album with "Adrenalize" - unpretentious melodic rock with some hard punch harmony vocals - the type music critics love to rip on. Here, with the very well-engineered "Euphoria", do we have still another target? Will this produce the "same old sound" cliches from the critics? Face it, this is Def Leppard, straight forward music; they're not going to sound like The Offspring or Korn to stay with the times. They dabbled in probing the different facets of their songwriting capabilities with the excellent but sadly overlooked "Slang" about three years ago. That CD proved their talents. Hell, they've been proving their talent since the beginning. So "Euphoria" is sort of a "greatest hits" perspective without the actual hits - yet. The lead track "Demolition Man" weaves the youthful energy of "On Through The Night" with the soaring harmonies of later releases. The funky "All Night" harks back to the "Slang" title track. "Paper Sun" brings the hard driving feel of "High And Dry" to mind. There are some ballads here, well done as usual. This is the Def Leppard signature and probably another reason for them to be targets. But this band's signature sound - a sound that appears to be meticulously honed - goes beyond that, and has been often emulated, but rarely equaled. And if "Promises" seems like a song designed to get airplay so the band can enjoy a resurgence, then so be it! It's already #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart and what better test of time is there than that? The fans demanded a return to that anthemic sound and the Leps gave the fans what they wanted. Now watch them as they begin to reclaim their fame. "Euphoria" proves Def Leppard won't be going anywhere but up!



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