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Emanuelles Groove

music reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Emanuelles Groove

Artist: Nico Fidenco
Genre: Soundtrack
Release Date: September 1998

Review by DjBatman
2½ stars out of 4

The subtitle says it all: "A collection of famous original soundtrack themes taken from Emanuelle Nera".  In the last few years there has been a huge revival for (often obscure) compositions used in movies and tv programs in the late 60's and especially during the seventies. In those years, Italy had dozen of composers involved in producing this kind of material; labels like Irma, Right Tempo and Soundtrack Deletions/Film Music Art Studio have been working hard to bring these sounds to life again on cd. "Emanuelle Nera" (Black Emanuelle) was a sort of unauthorized series of spin-offs from "Emmanuelle" (the erotic movie starring Sylvia Kristel and based on a book by Emanuelle Arsan). Most of the Black Emanuelle movies (starring Laura Gemser) were directed by the late Joe D'Amato (aka Aristide Massacesi). The album features a collection of 17 tracks from different Emanuelle movies. The music was composed by Nico Fidenco and it mostly consists in a series of instrumentals ranging from lounge to latin/bossa and funky (some would rather use the term acid jazz). Echoes of Moroder synthpop are present in "Eternal Anguish" (hmmm... actually, I believe Moroder had his first hits one year later than this track appeared... but it's nice to see hear this pre-electronic stuff melting with female vocals supplied by some obscure session-woman). I didn't like the "Orient Reportage" bit (track no.13) which seems a bit ridiculous and sounds too similar to many other typical crappy tv tunes from that era and lacks of the atmospheres and the originality of the other compositions. Oh, as a bonus, the (picture) cd comes in a nice package and the booklet has various pics and info about the original movies.



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