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Duck Rock

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Duck Rock

Artist: Malcolm Mclaren
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: January 1983

Review by DjBatman
4 stars out of 4

I've always admired the guy even if I only discovered his work around 1989, with his Johann Strauss inspired album "Waltz Darling". In the 70's McLaren was the warped mind behind Sex Pistols; in 1983 he ecided to start another huge "rock'n'roll swindle" releasing his first album, which is now a classic and has been a source of inspiration for more than a decade of dj's, producers and every kind of musical weirdo. McLaren claims he has invented everything from punk rock to scratching, from sampling to vogueing. Well, actually did not create any of those, yet he has always been seriously pioneering new directions in the music industry. For instance he did not create vogueing (he just recycled a style of dancing, or better, "posing" that probably appeared in gay discos in the late 80's, later brought to wider audiences by Madonna); so, even if he was not the originator neither of sampling nor of scratching, he was the first pop producer mixing hip-hop techniques with world music and creating interesting and sometimes unique combinations. Zulu chants and urban dance music, caribbean styles, a 75-years old fiddle player from Tennessee and sound effects from the original Pac-Man videogame, radio snippets and rap bits provided by the World Famous Supreme Team and of course McLaren's sometimes ridiculous voice make a crazy, excellent mix. World music for the end of the century. Oh, I almost forgot: the album was produced by Trevor Horn and featured people like Anne Dudley (on the seminal "Buffalo Gals", later re-presented in a new version by McLaren on the album "Round the outside! Round the outside!" -which was a sort of sequel to "Duck Rock"- and recently resurfaced as a remix version) and Gary Langan of Art of Noise fame. So, McLaren maybe did not truly originate anything, but he worked with pioneers from the beginning and was himself a pioneer in several ways. I have traced bits of this album in records like "Megablast" by Bomb the Bass (was it 1988 or 1989?) and even in 1998 big beat tracks like Bassbin Twins "Two turntables and a crate of skint". So watch out. Listen to the original, then dig through your record collection and try to spot those tasty bits... All that scratching is making me itch!



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