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This Desert Life

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: This Desert Life

Artist: Counting Crows
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: November 1999

Review by JaredD
4 stars out of 4

This is one of the very few albums from this year that made my list, and the only other one to make the top 10. This Desert Life is a real masterpiece. It's much better than Recovering the Satelites, and just beats out August and Everything After. I remember the first time I heard their first album, (and people will vouch for me) I said, "Adam Duritz is the best songwriter ever to come out of the Nineties." This album only cements my belief. The sound is beautiful, too, the band really sounds together on this one.

The first song on the album, "hanginaround," the first single, is definitely their catchiest tune ever and was the only possible choice for a single. Though the other songs might not make great singles, they're still great songs. There's not a loser in the bunch. Duritz's lyrics are quite definitely his best ever. The best songs are "hanginaround," "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby," "I Wish I was a Girl,' and "St. Robinson in his Cadillac Dream."

Don't worry if you don't like it at first, it took me a few listenings to really get the album. Try it out for yourself.

Review by MusicBox
3½ stars out of 4

Their first album, August And Everything After succeeded in making Counting Crows a huge radio hit. With three or four singles off their first album, they rose to the top of the charts and soon became favorites of alternative, folk, and pop listeners. Now, with the release of their newest album, This Desert Life, Counting Crows promise to please their fans with harmonies and lyrics that resemble their past work.

The album starts off with the first single "Hangin' Around." This song is definitely the most radio-friendly off the album and is already in heavy rotation at most radio stations. Track 7, "Colorblind" from the "Cruel Intentions" soundtrack is the jewel of the album. The stirring melody of the piano backs the unmistakable voice of Adam Duritz. The singer laments his loss of attention to the world around him and his need to be brought back to reality. With references to past songs such as namedropping Elizabeth ("Goodnight Elizabeth") and Maria ("Round Here"), Duritz & Co. have written eleven priceless songs. Every song has the potential to be a hit, and it's probably a good thing Counting Crows have not abandoned their old style of writing. Fans and new listeners alike will instantly fall in love with This Desert Life. Duritz' voice will draw you in and at second listen, the immensely powerful and emotional lyrics will force you to put this cd in the player and not take it out.



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